Asus A7V8X-X and AMD 3200XP Problems

  serpoid 16:53 11 Aug 2005


I have been previously running the above board with an xp 2400 chip running at 2ghz and 1 gig of Kingston ram without problem apart from a very slow boot up time.
I purchased and installed an xp 3200 chip and installed it, but my system crashes BSOD (various error messages) and the power occasionally cuts out and the machine will not power up randomly, although the led on the board is lit
Am i missing a tick with the bios settings for this processor and memory.


  jack 18:03 11 Aug 2005

What PSU wattage are you?
Bios should be default to the board manual I would think. unless the new processor has other requirements.

  dan11 18:43 11 Aug 2005

What's the fsb of the chip and the speed of the ram. The A7V8X-X will only work with so many options.

For a 3200+. The cpu should be 333Mhz and the ram 2700+.

If they are these, then they should be OK.

  serpoid 18:58 11 Aug 2005

Thanx for the quick response the chip info is as follows
Type Microprocessor
Part number AXDA3200DKV4E
Introduction date 13-May-03
Processor Core Model 10 (Barton)
Manufacturing process 0.13 micron copper process
Package 453-pin organic PGA
1.95\" x 1.95\" (4.95 cm x 4.95 cm)
Socket Socket A (Socket 462)
Speed (MHz) 3200 (rated)
2200 (real)

Bus frequency (MHz) 200
Clock multiplier 11
Low power features Halt state
Stop Grant states
Sleep state
Probe state

the bios is set accordingly..the ram is kingston 2 x 512mb pc3200 184 pin dimm
i ran the chip solid in another machine as a 2500 xp due to the machine in question not supporting 400 fsb..and no problemo
i am currently trying it at a reduced speed in the asus machine.
it should run at its full potential on the asus board but for some reason it crashesout and wont reboot at all for a good while...maybe a heat issue...

  dan11 19:13 11 Aug 2005

Sorry M8. Unless there is a bios upgrade I am un aware of. You have the wrong components.

The maximum fsb of the A7V8X-X , yet it will support 400Mhz memory. Very confusing.

This would mean that the 3200+ ( 400Mhz) would run at 333Mhz or true speed 1.826Ghz, but and there is always a but,

f you run any chip with this board at a 333Mhz fsb, you can only run pc2700 ( 333Mhz ) ram with it. It does not matter if the ram is faster, it must be pc2700.

Therefore the speed of the chip must be decreased again, to 133Mhz. Getting silly now, isn't it.

So you will probably find that the cpu has to be reduced to 1.463Ghz and the ram upto 400Mhz, to get a stable system.

Sorry, but it really has to be checked before upgrading some parts.:-(

  Moon1980 19:14 11 Aug 2005

Change the jumper next to the cpu to 200mhz FSB,it is set to 166mhz as default, if you are unsure of where this is download it at click here

  dan11 19:15 11 Aug 2005

"The maximum fsb of the A7V8X-X"

should say

The maximum fsb of the A7V8X-X is 333MHZ.

  dan11 19:21 11 Aug 2005

Sorry M8

Have they increased it to 400Mhz?

My manual says click here

  wobblymike 19:26 11 Aug 2005

Guys with profound apologies for hijacking this thread you are discussing a similar problem I have with the same board - can I invite you to peruse my thread "PC will not post" which is just below this one on the forum - apologies again for jumping in on this thread

  Moon1980 19:29 11 Aug 2005

Sorry mate mine is a A7N8X-X Nforce 2, sorry about that.......

Should have look a bit clsoer to the V..

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:00 11 Aug 2005

Check this link click here your motherboard does not support the AMD Athlon XP 3200+ or a 400MHz FSB.

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