Asus A7V8X with RAID

  m5rcc 12:33 20 Jul 2005

A problem thats been bugging me for a while...I hope someone can help!

I have a home built PC: A Asus A7V8X with a 2400+ AMD CPU 768mb RAM and five HDs with almost 1000gb between them. I bought th emotherboard with RAID support hoping to use it, but could never understand it. So I had to use the 2 IDE ports instead, thus rotating between the seven devices I have (5 HDs and 2 DVD drives)....a major hassle....

So I was hoping that I could use the RAID as an additional IDE slot really and stick on two hard drives there. However, I keep reading this mirror thing, which I dont think I want. All I want is to use those two hard drives as two seperate drives as if tehy were on an IDE slot. I cant configure how to do it though. I have the RAID driver installed on XP. Its a Promise 376 one, and as my manual suggests, it asks to put the two hard drives on the RAID slot as master and master, but it only detects one hard drive and not the other....

Can someone be so kind as to point me the right way??

Kind regards in advance!!

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