Asus A7V8X network card drivers

  astra46 22:15 20 Aug 2003

I am having problems with my pc freezing on shutdown. Mesh suggested that i download the network adaptors for my mboard from the Asus website. I have the A7V8X.

Has anyone else had these problems? I have disabled my network card as Mesh suggested but i still cannot shutdown. They say is the downloads does not work then i need to reinstall windows XP.

Also i have not downloaded the bios updates from the Asus website should i download all the recent updates?

  kane_2002k 22:23 20 Aug 2003 antivirius or firwall installed, had a similar problem A7V8X deluxe motherboard. Fixed it by using the keyboard socket adapter.

  astra46 22:41 20 Aug 2003

I dont have a usb logitech keayboard. But i did install a Saitek P3000 wireless gamepad.

I use Vexira antivirus (free on a coverdisk) and Zonealarm.
This shutdown problem is a pain, i hope i can sort it out. Am i damaging the pc by shutting down using the reset button?

  User-312386 22:42 20 Aug 2003

download the flash programme for the bios at asus click here this is a good utility as then you dont have to flash the BIOS manually

I hate it when the manufacturers try to solve the problem with a "re-install" rather actually solving the problem

I had a problem like this (not with mesh) and found that it was a hardware conflict with the modem and network adapter

Have you tried removeing the modem?

  handful 10:05 21 Aug 2003

I have a Mesh with the same m/b. I had a similar problem with freezing and eventually tracked it down to PC Cillin which came with the ASUS driver disk. Since changing to AVG I have had far fewer problems. Don't know anything about Vexira but may be worth trying AVG as being free you have nothing to lose.

  astra46 20:14 21 Aug 2003

What is avg? Where do i get it from?


  handful 10:15 22 Aug 2003

AVG is anti-virus software. You will see loads of threads about it here. You can download it free from click here

It may not be your a/v software causing the problem but it is worth a try.

  Giggle n' Bits 10:21 22 Aug 2003

software you have other than Microsoft, Adobe, Winzip, AVG.

Who's your ISP.

Try reinstall of the DirectX drivers ?.

  Gedrog 13:37 22 Aug 2003

XP answers had a whole host of good info on problems with windows XP not shutting down.
Best way to tell wich program is causing the system to refuse to shut down is to use the task manager. alt-ctrl-delete then look at wich aplications are running and or wich processes are still running. You can then select the process or aplication. and manually shut it down. Before shutting down windows. Furthermore once u have identified wich process or aplication is causing this u can then either try and download a later version of the software or a patch wich may resolve this. I had a similar experience with a logitech keyboard and also a Nostromo game controller. The nostrommo had a wheel on the side and if this was not dead centre when PC was started up it would give the indication that a key was pressed down continiously and when shutting down it would cause the PC to hang. I tried every possible thing in the book and eventually downloaded a later version of their software. This sorted it out. Game controllers are known to cause shutdown problems as well as PC Cillin had the same Mobo. Good board now I have the A7N8x. I build pc's from scratch. You can also use Zone alarm a free firewall to be even safer. Get it from click here

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