Asus A7V8X-MX-SE Rebooting

  Pillo 18:24 26 Jul 2004

System is 1.8 Duron, 256MB 333Mhz, 40GB Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 8, NEC ND2500A DVD RW, on-board graphics and sound. I can load Windows XP Pro with no problem, install Service packs and updates and applications like Office, Nero, etc, etc. but somewhere along the line something happens and when the computer gets to the blue Welcome screen it plays the greetings music then re-boots. It seems to occur only if I have a disc in the CD drive while booting up. If I send an error report to Microsoft it comes back and says there is a problem with a Graphics device driver but can't be more specific. I can't pin it down to a certain s/w package install either. I've tried a clean install a couple of times and it happens every time, but not until I'm well into installing applications. Anyone got any ideas, please??

  €dstowe 18:35 26 Jul 2004

The simple answer is, if as you say it only occurs if there is a CD in the drive, is not th have a CD in the drive when re-booting.

In the days of booting from floppy, it was the norm that a computer wouldn't boot up if there was a floppy in the drive and an error message along the lines of "Non system disc - -- "

  Jomi 18:41 26 Jul 2004

Hi Pillo,

I had a similar problem a while ago and it turned out to be the power supply which was only 250w. I got a short flash of the windows xp pro screen then reboot. Someone gave me this link click here to check my power supply.
I upgraded to a 35ow and it solved the problem.

hope this helps.

  Pillo 19:57 26 Jul 2004

Hi Jomi,

Thanks for the info. It was something I thought of but I'm using a 400W PSU so dismissed it. However, it's worth trying 'cos I've tried everything else. I'll try the link you gave me.
Cheers for the practical advice!

  Pillo 22:30 27 Jul 2004

Found the culprit. Did another clean install and all went fine until I installed InCD. Immediately the problem came back, so I removed InCD using Ahead's Clean Tool and all was fine again. I've built quite a few systems and never come across this problem before. Must be a conflict with the drivers on this particular m/b.

Anyway, thanks for your responses.

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