Asus A7V8X-MX SE and need to update the BIOS file.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:47 28 Apr 2004

ok, as my older thread, I found out from the Asus website to sort out x2 problems with this board the BIOS currently at Rev. 1002 needs to be updated to Rev. 1003 to fix a power boot problem & a restart boot problem.

I have the manual, I need to install xp thing is never done a BIOS update and don't know where to start. Guidance welcome but no one will be held responsible if it goes pear shapped.

Am I right I need to create a Bootable Floppy Disk ?

The manual refers to for a 98SE/Me environment or for an XP environment. I have this machine I am using now with the new pc behind not doing anything yet. The running machine which is not for a BIOS update is running Win98SE.

So do I follow the instructions to create a bootable Floppy disk using 98Se as if its with XP and I carn't install it I use XP ?

Really stuck here.

  bremner 00:53 28 Apr 2004

Go to this Asus page for your download click here

Click on the 'Bios update step' hyperlink and it explains what to do.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:58 28 Apr 2004

these are currently in Zippy format.
I also have other screen showing how to do it but its looking a bit daunting in parts. Thanks bremner for calling in.

  bremner 01:02 28 Apr 2004

It can be daunting and should only be done to 'fix' a problem.

Just be carful and do as the instructions say.

Good luck

  Giggle n' Bits 01:05 28 Apr 2004

put a new (clean) floppy in drive A
Then type C:\> FORMAT A: /S

I have both the BIOS 1003 which I need and Flash in zip format, can I zip extract these to the Floppy in a Win98SE desktop then put the floppy in the XP machine and boot it to DOSS ?

Really need a breakdown of this if any can be pactient enough. But need to sleep so will be back tomrrow.

Thanks for anyone who can assist in advance.

  Giggle n' Bits 01:08 28 Apr 2004

The system with this board on a restart wont reboot and continue XP install and also if you go to power on the M/board it powers of then on as a loop. It is known problem and Asus say this to fix it, everything else is fine, just my typical look.

  temp003 03:03 28 Apr 2004

Unzip the 2 downloads to the same location on your 98 computer first. Just double click the zip files. They should unzip to awdflash.exe and a7se1003.bin

Then prepare a boot floppy which can boot you into a DOS environment (to the A:\> prompt).

A 98 floppy will do. Or in 98, insert clean floppy, then open the DOS command prompt window, and at the c:\> prompt, type:

format a: /s

and press Enter.

Or click here and download the DR DOS 7.x for BIOS flash. Double click the downloaded file, you'll be told to insert floppy, and the boot floppy will be created.

Then copy the unzipped awdflash.exe and a7se1003.bin files to the boot floppy (whichever way you created the floppy). Check the contents of the floppy to make sure the 2 files are there.

Then remove floppy from 98 machine and insert it into the new machine. Start computer.

At the A:\> prompt, type:

awdflash/ a7se1003.bin

and press Enter. Note the direction of the slash and that the only space is the one before a7se1003.bin

According to the manual, the Award Flash screen will appear, verify the BIOS update file, and if it's right, will update the BIOS. Don't do anything here or press any key, just wait patiently for it to finish.

After that, it should restart and start POST. Once it does the POST, it might already show new BIOS version. You might want to press Delete to check BIOS settings. Also remember to remove floppy.

If everything goes smoothly, exit BIOS settings and let computer restart.

I don't know how far the previous XP installation has gone. If you have already formatted the hard disk and seen the message XP Setup will now copy files to the hard disk, and were prompted to restart computer, then you can resume the Setup by booting from the hard disk (you will still need to insert XP CD to continue with installation, but this time let computer boot from hard disk, not CD).

Or, you can boot from XP CD and start all over again.

  Giggle n' Bits 10:03 28 Apr 2004

I have just come online and have printed of your excellent instruction. You should write the Asus Motherboard manuals !

I have to work a few hours today so it will tonight when I get to do the jobbie.

Greatfully appreciated for your support and excellent guideance & understanding breaking this what may seem simple to other techie people apart from myself.

Hope you have a decent sleep, see you were up at a funny hour.

Thank you and I will post back tonight.

  Giggle n' Bits 10:08 28 Apr 2004

Ok I need to make a bootable floppy. Is this the same as the Boot floppy used when installing say a 98SE/ME O's install & do I need another blank floppy to put the BIOS files and Flash file on.

So does this mean the Boot floppy is to get to the DOSS A:/ prompt and then change over to the floppy with the updated BIOS file/flash file.

  temp003 17:56 28 Apr 2004

bootable floppy = boot floppy.

Yes, you can use a 98 floppy to boot up (the same you use to install the 98 OS). But I still recommend using a new floppy if available, as old floppies may be unreliable and you don't want errors to occur during the BIOS flash. I still suggest Dr DOS 7.x from click here, but not a big issue.

You can copy the 2 files to the boot floppy (if space is available). But you can also copy the 2 files to another floppy, then after booting up to the A:\> prompt, change floppy and type the command.

  Giggle n' Bits 19:26 28 Apr 2004

You obviuosly understand my diliema and explain things sensibly. I thank you !

I am going to do this update tonight if it kills me, need to sych myself up first.

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