Asus A7V8X Mobo & SATA drives

  GRFT 09:06 14 Apr 2004

I'd like to replace my ATA drive with a SATA hard drive but it would appear that these drives can only be used in a RAID configuration, which I'm not really interested in. The A7V8X manual makes no mention of using a single SATA as the C drive, and the BIOS description would appear to confirm this. Does anyone have experience of this mother board in that respect?

  Steve- 09:51 14 Apr 2004

I use an A7V8x Delux board with single SATA drive as C with no problems using Windows XP. You will have to tell XP to load the SATA drivers during the initial setup sequence and then have the drivers ready on a floppy - XP does not seem to give any other option which is strange as the initial boot is from CD!
You also need to tell the BIOS to boot from a SCSI drive first.

  temp003 09:59 14 Apr 2004

Before you install XP to the new SATA hdd, better disconnect the old IDE hdd first. Also as Steve says, copy the SATA driver to a floppy first (not the RAID driver, just the bare SATA disk controller driver).

Then boot up from CD, get your finger ready on the F6 button. When you see XP Setup begin to load files, press F6 a few times (there's actually a prompt at the bottom of the screen, for a short time, easily missed). In the end you'll be asked to insert floppy. Just follow the prompts.

  Sion 10:12 14 Apr 2004

Here is a post i helped someone with on the weekend. He found it helpful, i think you will too ! just check the link i put in and follow my instruction and it'll all be gravy.

good luck.

  temp003 10:15 14 Apr 2004

I think your board uses the Promise Fasttrak 376 SATA disk controller. Search your motherboard CD for the driver. It seems there's only one driver for it. Copy the driver to the floppy. Your floppy should have the folder "winxp", and the files fasttx2k, readme.txt and txtsetup.oem on it.

  GRFT 07:16 15 Apr 2004

Many thanks for the help. I think I can now get this fixed. Meanwhile I'm having problems accessing this site; "the requested url could not be retrieved" error keeps getting thrown up.

  GRFT 11:46 24 Apr 2004

Hi, if anyone is still watching. I got the SATA drive installed OK (a Maxtor 120gb) after a few trials and errors. To cut a long story short I partitioned and formatted the drive from a DOS floppy, which also loads a MSCDEX driver, then installed the OS (Win98se, which was very fast - about ten minutes. The IDE drive was disconnected. To my surprise the system booted OK although with the odd power down problem, but Device manager reported that the disk was running in the Dos compatiblity mode. After installing the Fastrack driver and making a couple of adjustments in the BIOS (boot from a SCUSI device)these problems were fixed. I still have the IDE drive connected and can also boot from it. Many thanks.

  GRFT 15:22 22 Jul 2005

I've never connected drives in a RAID configuration.

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