jas7 17:15 05 Jun 2006

Hi to all those that helped me before. thanks for all your help. I finally got round to swapping out the m/board and putting in a new ASUS A7N8X-XE m/board. Loaded win XP pro and thought I was home and dry but when I put in the Cd with the ASUS drivers supplied with the m/board it came up with an Intel m/board installation with install greyed out since it wasn't an Intel board!!!! So went to the ausus website downlaoded the all-in drivers three times and each time when I click on the unzipped exe file there is an error message saying '...encountered an error... So i'm tearing my hair our. I've emailed ausus but not holidng my breath. So please help before I go bald


  Diodorus Siculus 17:20 05 Jun 2006

click here

Try downloading from here...

  jas7 18:29 05 Jun 2006

Thanks. This is the same site i downloaded from and their is a problem with these files or XP doesn't like them

  Diodorus Siculus 18:56 05 Jun 2006

Sorry about that :-(

Can you post the text of the exact error message?

  ICF 19:22 05 Jun 2006
  jas7 20:07 05 Jun 2006

Thanks for the nVidia link. didn't think of that one. I assume that I'll only need these drivers i.e it will inlcude the LAN/audio etc?

Thanks again

  ICF 07:17 10 Jun 2006

Copy and pasted from the above NVIDIA link

Audio driver 4.42 (WHQL)
Audio utilities 4.44
Ethernet driver 4.42 (WHQL)
GART driver 4.36 (WHQL)
Memory controller driver 3.38 (WHQL)
SMBus driver 4.04 (WHQL)
Installer 4.46
IDE NVIDIA driver 4.46 (WHQL)

  User-312386 08:07 10 Jun 2006

You need this mate click here

  €dstowe 08:36 10 Jun 2006

Are you saying that the disk supplied with the motherboard was not the correct one?

If that is so, get on to whoever supplied the board and get them to fix you up.

  jas7 10:20 10 Jun 2006

Thanks to everyone. I used the link to the Nvidia site and that had all the motherboard and display drivers and the computer is now up and running. Must say yet again you all are a great team of people - much quicker and better than any of the official sites.

I'll try and get a Cd from the seller but I reckon they just say try Asus. I have contacted them already and they were willing to burn a new copy and send it me but for a price - some service!!!!

  User-312386 20:51 11 Jun 2006

always use the latest drivers

To be honest the ones that come with the MOBO are usually out of date anyway

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