asus a7n8x-x single channel mode

  pookie 14:40 30 Nov 2003


new mobo. i have 2 sticks of pc400 512mb ram and 3 ghz athlon. i only got the mobo yesterday so i guess bios and drivers are up to date. i did a reformat/install. when i boot up it says it's single channel mode. don't get me wrong it runs fine and 3d 2003 score is 5400 which i guess is about right. but should it not say dual channel mode? or should i be worried?



  leo49 14:55 30 Nov 2003

click here

The customer reviews on this board are plentiful and full of tips for optimising. I gather your Asus is similar to my own MSI board in that the memory dimms have to be in specific slots to enable Dual Channel Mode - In your case,I gather the 2 Blue sockets.

  pookie 15:44 30 Nov 2003

thanks leo49 - i'll read through them later. i won't resolve it in case anyone else wants to add anything


  Rayuk 15:58 30 Nov 2003

Put the sticks of ram in outside slots 1 & 3
I have them this way and it registers as dual channel mode

You dont say which slots you have them in

  Sion 16:06 30 Nov 2003

If u have got the "-X" version of this board, is does not have a dual channel memory controller, only a single channel controller, hence the low price. Check Asus's website. If u wanted a dual channel board, the cheapest is the MSI K7N2-L Delta, which can be had for about £55 off ebuyer including delivery.

  Rayuk 16:57 30 Nov 2003

You are quite correct.

I have the deluxe version will have to study posts a little more carefully in future.

  pookie 19:48 30 Nov 2003

thanks guys


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