Asus A7n8x-E Deluxe motherboard

  tedster 12:34 17 Jul 2004

Can anyone help with the two problems I have, My motherboard has a voice post reporter thats supposed to tell me about errors with my system, Ram, cpu etc, but it doesn't work and I don't know why. It is enabled in the bios.

Also My PC crashes if it's in a game the game freezes if it's during boot or in desktop it's usually restarts randomly. The weird thing is If I clear the bios by removing power to the board, take out the battery and clear the cmos using the jumper, restart and press F1 when asked the pc is more stable than if I save and exit the bios even without making any changes at all.
The bios reads the cpu fsb correctly and the ram settings are at auto.

My pc: 3200xp processor, 1024 MB crucial pc3200 ram, 9700 pro AGP graphics card, Audigy 2 sound card, ata133 maxtor plus 9 7200 spin eide hdd, 500 watt psu.
The mobo is new, as are the two 512 MB ram sticks and the 3200xp cpu.

Any ideas? all help greatfully received.

  GRFT 12:48 17 Jul 2004

I have this feature on my Asus A7V8X and it works OK, but the audio level is very low so make sure your speaker volume is turned up. I expected the system speaker would be used, not the soundcard. Anyway, after a few weeks it became irritating so I disabled it. Still if you have a feature on your system you want to know that it works. If your speaker system is OK and Post reporter is enabled in BIOS I can't think what the problem might be. I should mention that I'm using the mobo's built-in sound chip. If your mother board has built-in sound you could try that instead of your AGP card.

  GRFT 12:50 17 Jul 2004

Sorry, in final sentence read sound card, not AGP card.

  €dstowe 15:16 17 Jul 2004

The POST voice reporter only works with the on board sound. If you are using a separate sound card (Audigy), this would not have loaded at the time the POST is complete as it relies on Windows to operate. Like GRFT, I found the voice irritating and have disabled it in the five machines I have with this board.

Regarding the freezes and crashes, try changing the battery and ensure that the battery/CMOS jumper is not set to the reset position.


  tedster 18:47 17 Jul 2004

I dont seem able to get any sound when using o/b sound, all settings in windows point to everything being ok, although the connectors on the rear panel are a bit confusing, I have orange, green and black from my speakers, still no sound.
Another thing, I bought this mobo from a computer fair. The box wasn't sealed and the systems clock was already set up in the bios, is this normal as how does the manafacturer know which time zone the board will end up in?

  Rayuk 20:15 17 Jul 2004

What version is the board,you should find it stamped between the pci slots.If it is version 1.4 or before that could be your problem.[earlier boards had a problem running at 200/400 memory.]
Try setting your memory fsb to 166/333 see if you still get problems.

  Rayuk 20:25 17 Jul 2004

Think I may have lead you up the garden path there,its the A7N8X-deluxe I have not the E version.

  flyingpeterpan 20:50 17 Jul 2004

Have you enabled the onboard audio controller from the bios? the speaker cable should be colour coded , you just need the green one the rest are for 5.1 or 6.1 set up,what graphic card do you have, is it gigabyte radeon 9700 pro, it gave me a lot of headache,try to update to the most current driver and update your mobo bios that should cure the crashes and freezes.

  tedster 19:43 18 Jul 2004

I have emailed tech support at Asus around 6 times, fair enough they do reply I think they have suggested every permatation of voltage, ratio and fsb possible. Nothing really makes difference.
To answer the above question my card is a crucial 9700 pro which upto this installation has been great and it's hard to treat it as a suspect, I have managed to get the onboard sound going (my fault it was down to cable configuration) And i have always kept windows and drivers upto date.
Sometimes the pc doesn't even get as far as windows (XP Pro) before it crashes in fact it is completly random but when playing a game like painkiller it crashes or freezes or restarts guaranteed every time.
I have done a full system scan using Norton antivirus (upto date) but it finds nothing.
Are there any worms, trojans, vruses etc doing the rounds at the moment that could be causing these problems?
Thanks for any suggestions

  €dstowe 20:07 18 Jul 2004

When the machine crashes on startup, is it a blue screen IRQ_L error?

If yes, then do you have a printer, scanner or other device that takes a while to get going that is firing up at the same time?

If yes, try booting with the power to the device switched off.

These boards seem sensitive to hardware loading up at the same time as Windows is loading and sometimes give IRQ_L errors - but sometimes not!

Note: if you power the external device when the boot has finished it should be OK.

Regarding the crashing during games, I can't explain that as I am not into computer gaming but you could try powering down all external devices before starting the game, just in case.


  tedster 20:02 27 Jul 2004

I have ordered a big heatsink - Thermal Take Volcano 12 (rated at 3400+) and a syringe of Artic silver 5. I'll give that a go and see if things improve.

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