Asus A7N8X-Deluxe Questions

  poogles_uk 08:17 10 May 2003

With the Asus A7N8X-D can you use all 3 memory channels, 3 x512mb blocks e.g. 2 in the blue and 1 in the black so you can get 1542mb, or is it one in the black channel , or 1 in either blue channel. Or is 2x 256mb Blocks better?

And how many 3 pin fan sensor plug things does this mobo have?

  poogles_uk 08:21 10 May 2003

I think there are 3 fan ports, is this correct, Power, CPU, Chassis? How do you put the Power to the power fan? Or can you use it as a second chassis?

  accord 08:29 10 May 2003
  The Sack 11:51 10 May 2003

The blue slot is just to show that that channel is on is own controller for when you run the board in dual channel mode.

  clayton 12:01 10 May 2003

If you havent got the board yet i would wait for the A7N8X-X click here

  MartinT-B 12:24 10 May 2003

The Mobo has three 3 pin fan sensors, all of which control the fan speeds as needed.

1 for the rear fan. 1 for the CPU fan and the last for certain PSU fans.

Not all PSUs have 2 fans. All of them have a rear 'blower' fan, some of them have a second 'intake' fan with a 3 pin connector. If your PSU has no intake just leave the header empty. All three fan headers are clearly marked.


There are 3 slots, 1 black (#1) 2 blue (#s 2 & 3). To get the best of 2 sticks of DDR RAM you connect 2 identical sticks in either 1 & 3 or 2 & 3.

If you want to get the best out of all three slots you double ram in 1 and 2 x ½ in 2 & 3 ie
1 x 512 + 2 x 256 = 1GB ram working as 2 x 512MB so you get the full DDR benefit.

  poogles_uk 06:14 11 May 2003

If you havent got the board yet i would wait for the A7N8X-X click here

Eh? There is no -x version on that site.

So basically i need either 2x256 or 2 x 512, or 2 x 256 blocks and 1 512mb, would it matter if i ran 2 x 256 then got the 512 later?

Would it work by getting 3x512?

I have a fan at the back, im looking to change it to a smaller(in size) 3 pin fan, and put an outlet in, is this a good idea?

click here
is my case.

Do i nweed the fans blowing out at the back and bringing in at the front?

  Rayuk 12:01 11 May 2003

Memory in Nforce2 boards is a critical area so make sure you get compatible ram
Looking at your figures best way may be 2x512Mb sticks to use the dual controllers.[supposed to give 5% better performance.
click here
Case fans are usually 80mm[if you use smaller fan you will have to get a faster{and louder}rpm fan to pull out same amount of air.]
Draw air from outside front[bottom]exhaust air from inside rear [top]

  Rayuk 14:21 11 May 2003

You ma get some answers here click here

  clayton 16:11 11 May 2003

Kyle over at HardOCP has details of upcoming motherboards from ASUS, including two nForce2 boards - one with an 'nForce2 400' chipset, the 'A7N8X-X', and a long-awaited IGP version, the A7N8X-VM:

Word on the street is that Asus is set to kick off their "A7N8X-X" mainboard the week of May 20th. This will be sporting the "nForce2 400" chipset that will support AMD's upcoming 400MHz FSB Barton core CPUs. Also slated for Asus this month are mainboards with onboard graphics from NVIDIA and VIA in the form of "nForce-2-G" and "KM400".

  poogles_uk 09:45 20 May 2003

What is the difference between the A7N8X- X and -D?

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