ASUS A7N8X Deluxe - No Sound!

  User-367759E1-9114-481F-B005EBD0DB666035 06:36 07 Jul 2003

Hi all,

Just been helping a friend to sort out his new build and we have hit a small problem - no sound!

I think I have been over everything and I still cant figure out why this is not working.

Any ideas? He is not using 5.1 or surround sound - simply two speakers that are being plugged straight in to the line out socket (Green) although all others have been tried.

The Nvidia sound manager program with its speaker setup wizzard has been run to no avail although it shous the graphic equilizer is working but with no output.

Windows has been checked and nothing appears to be muted on any of the options.

Have you had the same probs or have the same board and can tell me how to enable sound?

Thanks in advance.

  D-P-R 08:18 07 Jul 2003

Heres some suggestions I found at hope they help

There have to be caps on 2 jumpers of the "front panel audio connector"
(10-1 pin connector); look if there are caps on the "Lineout_R/Bline_OUT_R" and
Line out_L/BLINE-OUT_L" jumpers, if you dont use front panel speakers

OK . I am cured. Now hopefully I can help someone else.
As posted above.... THERE ARE JUMPERS FOR THE AUDIO CONNECTION. yes, my new board NEVER had the jumpers but they are a must for the sound problem.
See the post above for the details.... .......and also, if you don't install the 3com drivers correctly on a new WIN o/s install, your in for some crazy internet connection problems. Thanks to all that posted.....

I bought a new, rev. 2.0 A7N8X deluxe, everything was working perfect, except for no sound. I checked volume leves, outputs, cables, all ok.
The equalizer in winamp was moving, but no sound output.

I started reading this post, first thing i tried was removing the front audio panel jumpers. Still no sound. Then i put back the jumpers in the same position they were and wow! Sound was alive!

Just did that, no cardboard, didn't remove the mother from the case, only he jumperst. Hope that helps someone else. Very strange but it did work for me!

  PA28 08:23 07 Jul 2003

Make sure on board sound is enabled (and configured if necessary) in your BIOS and that your software is enabling both line in and line out.

  D-P-R 08:24 07 Jul 2003

Heres the topic I took the answers from

click here

Do read all the post even though at first what is being said my not seem to apply to your problem. Also goto the Asus site and download the new drivers for the board from there, and have a look in the bios to make sure it is enabled there as well. I have this board and am very happy with it, good luck

  rickf 08:34 07 Jul 2003

Check again if the audio cable from the cd drive is connected properly to the m/b or has it come loose. This happens sometimes.

Thanks for that but surely, even without this cable we would still have system sounds and also sound from Windows Media player as that cable is just audio from the CD. However, will check again....

THat actually leads me to another question - how necessary is that cable? Why, for example, can you play a music CD in the DVD drive without it? (I realise this uses the IDE cable, but then why have the cable in the first place??)


am checking your link now - thank you!

  D-P-R 12:02 07 Jul 2003

I dont use the audio lead at all, infact when I had my old board I was using my soundblaster live platinum 5.1 without the leads and have yet to encounter a problem by not using them. Games are fine and so are audio cds ect without them

  D-P-R 22:17 09 Jul 2003

Have you solved the problem????????????????

  DieSse 22:49 09 Jul 2003

You don't need the audio cables at all on a modern drive/system/software - you do need them on older setups.


No, not solved the problem - yet!
Have downloaded the latest Bios and Drivers for the soundcard but to no avail. Will now look at this jumper setting that the links you provided suggested. This would be a serious let down from what I have come to expect from Asus if it turns out to be the problem as the jumpers are not documented or even supplied!

DieSse -

Thanks for that, it was what I expected but just wanted confirmation. We have fitted a cable in any event just to rule it out - still no go!

  PA28 14:08 10 Jul 2003

Stupid suggestion as I'm sure you'll have tried it already - have you tested the speakers and cable to make sure they're OK?

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