Asus A7N8X Deluxe mobo

  kevvyb 14:47 13 Oct 2003

MESH computers have told me that my A7A266 has developed a fault for the second time.

They have offered me an upgrade to an Asus A7n8x. When I enquired as to the exact model I was told that they would not recommend the deluxe version of this board (which I would rather have if possible) as my O/S (Win98SE) would load very slowly on the deluxe board but not on the basic board.

Could this be true and does anyone here have any experience?

  goonerbill 16:33 13 Oct 2003

the deluxe would be my choice but win 98se loading slow, not heard of that one but mesh are a good company and deal with more pc's than anybody in the forum ( sorry to anybody who does handle more )

you could upgrade ya software to ME or XP pro if 98 is that bad on the A7N8X deluxe

  Rayuk 18:59 13 Oct 2003

Differences between the 2 boards are

Deluxe has following/A7N8X doesnt
Serial ATA Raid Dual Lans IEEE1394 and Little Miss Post reporter Voice.

Do you need any of these functions?

  pdxxtqhf 19:12 13 Oct 2003

You forgot the support faster cpu and pc3200 memory. Gives the set-up a little bit of futer proofing.

  Rayuk 19:19 13 Oct 2003

Versions 2.0 of both boards support PC3200 and AthlonXP3200+

  clayton 19:24 13 Oct 2003

The Asus is a very good board, see if you can get an upgrade to your o/s too, what the point in a new mobo if your pc is going to run slow because of windows 98 ( which i doubt )

  kevvyb 09:43 14 Oct 2003

Thanks for the replies. I am still confused. The tech person still insists that win98se would be "slow to load" and would also load applications "very slowly".

Rayuk, what about the audio, extra LAN ports, RJ45 ports?? Truth is I'm not sure about the Serial ATA. I understand this might enable my HD's to run faster (but I may be wrong), if so, not a bad future proofing feature....

also, is version 2.0 the same as the Ultra version of the board?

  Rayuk 18:11 14 Oct 2003

ver 2.0 of both boards have the Ultra400.
Deluxe has Soundstorm but other does still have onboard sound maybe not as good.

Looking at their upgrades page they do stock the deluxe version.

Just tell them you will be upgrading to Win XP shortly

Ask them for references to the fact Win98se is not [as they say]compatable with this board

  kevvyb 18:50 14 Oct 2003


They have pointed me to the Asus website and sound confident that Asus will tell me the same thing. I am waiting for a reply but unfortunately I need my machine back. It's been gone over two weeks now so I'm going to go with the other board. I really can't fathom why they would be telling me this if it's not true....

Thanks for your posts.

  Rayuk 19:05 14 Oct 2003

Have never heard of anyone having problems running Win98se on the deluxe board.

Couldnt they give you any specific web address for you to check.

Waiting for Asus could be a lengthy wait.

Please post back if you ever get a reply from Asus would be interested why this is so.

  kevvyb 18:29 15 Oct 2003

This was their reply, not sure they have got my drift, what do you think?

[10/13/2003 11:52:00 AM - lee]
Your problem seems to be caused by what we call a Carryover Operating System. This is created when you install an operating system (OS) to a hard drive, then install that hard drive on another motherboard WITHOUT reinstalling the OS.

Once the operating system is no longer in a familiar environment (the one it was installed in) it will have problems sending and retrieving data. Roughly speaking, the tools and channels it expects to be there are not there, and it has no way to utilize the tools and channels that do exist. This can cause problems ranging from an unstable system to bluescreens and failed boot attempts, even complete failure to recognize the drive as being bootable.

To avoid this problem make sure you have a FRESH install of your OS on THIS motherboard, and that the hard drive is partitioned and formatted on this motherboard. Install your devices and drivers (preferably the most recent versions) in the following order, rebooting your system after each install to check for functionality:

1) Install your chipset/motherboard drivers (VIA 4-in-1s for VIA chipsets, Intel INF Update and Application Accelerator for Intel chipsets, etc.). Do this BEFORE loading any other driver!

2) Install the latest version of DirectX.

3) Install your video card and the latest video drivers. Add any other video cards (one at a time) at this time, as well.

4) Install any SCSI/ATA cards and drivers.

5) Install any LAN/NIC cards and drivers, or install drivers if using an onboard device.

6) Install your modem and the latest drivers.

7) Install any other cards or devices and their drivers, except for sound.

8) Make sure to install your sound card and its drivers, or just the drivers if using an onboard device, LAST.

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