Asus A7N8X Deluxe and Front USB Ports.

  Fr0z3n 12:29 12 Oct 2003

I have an asus a7n8x deleuxe M/B and am having problems with the front usb ports working on my case. The rear ports work fine. When i plug say my alctel modem into the appropriate area on my M/B and when try to connect the modem to via the front ports winxp pro identifies that "something" has been connected but throws an error saying that the device cud not be identified. Any suggestions because i am getting tired of unplaugging the modem from the rear to use on a second computer.

Thx for help.....

  Fr0z3n 13:12 12 Oct 2003


BTW: when plugged into the back ports my USB modem works fine.

  Iceman1978 13:35 12 Oct 2003

Check your motherboard manual to check that the front usb ports are connected correctly. If the back works ok it can't be a operating system issue. Other than that I wouldn't have a clue.

  Fr0z3n 13:57 12 Oct 2003

i have and they r connected properly

  Rayuk 14:43 12 Oct 2003

Does anything else work on the front ports?

  Fr0z3n 22:58 12 Oct 2003

ill check

  DieSse 23:28 12 Oct 2003

One way round your problem is to get another USB cable, so that each system can have one left plugged into it.

You say you're sure the front ports are connected OK - but that's the most likely problem - sorry to be pedantic, but how are you so sure?.

There is a small circuit board on the front of the case that holds the USB connectors - there could be something wrong with it. The only way I can think that you might check this, is to get hold of a rear bracket with two USB ports and cable, and attach that instead - this should tell you if the motherboard is behaving correctly.

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