asus A7N8X deluxe crashing

  rav4 15:38 15 Feb 2004

i have just had a new pc made up consisting of Asus A7N8X deluxe mobo, Amd2500 Barton core processor, 80 gig h/d ,New XP Pro, 512 gig memory(2x 256)(not sure whose memory but is 333 ddr.
My problem is after about ten minutes the pc just turns itself off and then starts up again, is there any way of finding out if the problem is perhaps dodgy memory or something else.

  gold 47 16:22 15 Feb 2004

Could be an over heating problem.

  orlandogreenback 16:24 15 Feb 2004

With exactly the same specs. I also had this problem but so far only once (thank god). You obviously know at least a bit of what you're doing so don't take any of my suggestions the wrong way.
I know it sounds silly but I swapped the power cables round between monitor and base unit so they felt a bit more snug, then trawled BIOS. Now I don't know if any of what I did did the trick, but in the bios settings the cpu FSB was only set to half of what it should have been. Also, I'm assuming you've checked board/cpu temeratures via the Asus utility and made sure the RAM is seated properly. Apart from those ideas I'm pretty much spent; maybe you do have a faulty component. Did you get your memory from Crucial, as I understand they're pretty much safe as houses. Post back and let us know how it goes?

  rav4 12:56 16 Feb 2004

Have just tried some 256 MB,266mhz-PC2100 memory and it does seem stable so i will reload the original memory and see if it crashes and try the pc2100 again to confirm the stability, if all goes as i think it will i will be buying new Crucial memory(maybe 400mhz-pc3200) and getting my money back on the other.

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