Asus A7A266 m/board Bios rvsn. 1004 update to 1011

  Nipsen 2 15:44 23 Nov 2003

I would like to change my processor which is an AMD 1.4 mhz. to a AMD xp2100. To do this I would have to update the bios (1004) on my motherboard to a later revision (1011) which supports this. I have downloaded this file & unzipped it. On the Asus Motherboard CD there is a progam called 'Asus Update' which I have installed on my hard drive. Has anyone used this Program ?
I have started the program & everything seems O.K. getting as far as " Bios image is correct, you can press FLASH button to update BIOS ROM "
What I would like to know Is there anything else I should do before I press 'Flash' ? About 5yrs ago a friend of mine tried to flash a Jetway ? board (ended up having to by a new one.) Any advice would be appreciated Thanks Nipsen 2.

  Nipsen 2 18:09 23 Nov 2003


  Flak999 18:18 23 Nov 2003

The Asus website gives a good walk through of flashing the bios, make sure you keep a backup of your old bios file just in case you need to flash it back again.

  Rayuk 18:19 23 Nov 2003

Have used the live updater twice before with no problems.

Just follow all instructions to the letter.

  Nipsen 2 18:47 23 Nov 2003

Thanks Flak999 & Rayuk for your advice I will proceed with caution, just 2 more questions ; Flak999. Where do I get the back up of my old BIOS file ?

Rayuk . When I have clicked on the "flash" is that it, or are there more instuctions to follow.
Sorry to be a nuisance. Nipsen2

  Rayuk 19:23 23 Nov 2003

When you have clicked on the flash,just let it do its thing it should say something like Flash successful when it has finished.

If it helps
When you are flashing via floppy it will ask if you want to save old bios and where,you could just copy to another floppy if you wished.

What os are you using?? if it is WinXP using ntfs system beware you have to follow a different procedure with the floppy[but is ok with live updater]

  Nipsen 2 19:41 23 Nov 2003

Rayuk ; Thanks for a quick answer. I am using WinXP Pro using NTFS system, so I will go along with the 'live updater' as you suggested. Will tick the resolved box now, but will do the update next week sometime, my Wife has some e-mails to send & is worried that I might blow the computer up ! Again thanks for your help will let you know how I get on. Nipsen2

  Saltyseadog 19:51 23 Nov 2003

Nipsen 2,please let me know how you get on I have the same motherboard and processor and am considering upgrading my processor as well. Best of luck. Saltyseadog

  Nipsen 2 17:32 24 Nov 2003

This afternoon I took the plunge & 'flashed' the BIOS using the "live updater" method. In case anyone else reads this, who may be interested. After clicking 'flash' I got a message saying 'Flash successful' Reboot your computer now, & then hold down "DEL" key to enter BIOS & save your new BIOS revision. I then came out of the BIOS & into windows. After shutting the machine down I did a restart from scratch the machine went into BIOS again asking me about my CPU, I can't remember exactly what it said but I think it recognised my existing processor as a new one & gave me 3 options '1400' '1050' & 'manual' I selected '1400' which mine is, saved, exitted the BIOS & into windows, did a shutdown. After five minutes I started up again & there it was, the new revision '1011' left hand top of screen. Sorry about the long story but I am still a novice with computers but amazed how much support & patience you experts show people like me.

  Rayuk 18:04 24 Nov 2003

Glad to help
I can remember being a little nervous when I first flashed a bios and the relief when it was successful.

I beleive its your turn next:-)

  Rayuk 18:06 24 Nov 2003

Really must start checking messages before I post them.

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