Asus 15.6 purple laptop charger won't go fully i

  Vicki1975 18:26 16 Oct 2015

Hi bought a purple laptop and charger won't go fully in . Bought for my niece in July but she received it for her birthday after our holiday in late August . Asus have rejected my claim on warranty. Can any one help

  wee eddie 19:14 16 Oct 2015

Firstly, are you trying to plug it into the correct socket?

  alanrwood 19:20 16 Oct 2015

Your claim is against the retailer who sold it to you not against Asus. If the product is less than 6 months old it is not your responsibility to prove fault.

It would be handy if you confirm that the charger is the one supplied with the laptop and not one you bought separately.

  wee eddie 19:28 16 Oct 2015

Secondly, your Warranty is with the Retailer you purchased it from, not Asus.

You must contact them to gain redress.

  Vicki1975 19:28 16 Oct 2015

Yes it was the laptop charger that came with it . Very say it's nothing to do with them

  Vicki1975 19:30 16 Oct 2015

I have said to very but they said it's asus not them . And yes my niece is putting charger in right hole .

  wee eddie 19:38 16 Oct 2015

Assuming that you purchased it within the UK. As Allan has said, our Law requires the Retailer to handle the Warranty within the first 6 months

  Vicki1975 20:09 16 Oct 2015

Thanks I have phoned the company I bought it from .

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