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  modsteve60s 23:23 05 Dec 2008

Can anyone please help me. I bought a new Toshiba laptop last month and I was so happy with it. I did today, however, download a programme by mistake and I am terrified I have broken my new computer.
I thought I had downloaded a CD/music catalogue programme. It turned out, however, to be something called Aston Shell something. It changed the outlook (registration??) of my computer, with a thirty day trial period. My restore disc or anything doesn't seem to be working. I don't know what to do. I'm afraid that at the end of the thirty days my computer isn't going to work at all. It's not working properly now. I can't shut the computer down properly and can't get into add and remove programmes. I'm at mt wits end, what can I do? Please can anyone help?

  iambeavis 23:31 05 Dec 2008

Aston Shell is a desktop/shell replacement for windows - click here

There's some time since I used it but, from what I recall, there is a setting in the preferences to restore Windows Explorer as your desktop manager.

It would be best not to uninstall Aston until you have restored Explorer - no harm will have been done to your OS.

  modsteve60s 08:47 06 Dec 2008

Thanks for that, it sets my mind at rest. I don't however know where to find preferences in order to restore Windows Explorer. Can you help? Thanks.

  iambeavis 10:34 06 Dec 2008

As I wrote, in my previous post, there's some time since I used it, so I'm not to sure where you would find the setting.

On installation, Aston ( and other alternative shells ) sets itself as the default desktop manager - somewhere in the interface will be a setting ( usually a tick-box ) which allows you to reset the desktop manager to default ( Explorer ), it's just a question of finding it and, I seem to recall that Aston has a fairly good instruction manual.

I found the answer here, in fact all the answers are here - click here

It's under "Troubleshooting" and it's the third one down.

Hope this helps

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