asterisks are being placed in all input fields

  Purpleali 10:56 01 Dec 2013

Hi My PC started playing up a couple of days ago Every time I tried to login from the Windows 7 pro login screen in the box for my password suddenly a line of asterisks appear sometimes before I even type. Eventually after restarting a few times the problem will cease and I can login. HOWEVER once I'm logged in if I open a new tab in chrome the address field is filled with asterisks, if I press the start button then the field for 'find programs' is filled automatically with asterisks This means I can't use my PC I've tried power erase from Norton nothing untoward found then I tried sophos removal tool again nothing found So just to be sure I ran iObit malware tool again nothing I've tried a restore point but after an hour that came back with an error message so I'm at a real loss as what to do any help would be much appreciated Thanks in advance Alison

  Zak 12:03 01 Dec 2013

Perhaps asterisks key is sticking?

  lotvic 12:10 01 Dec 2013

Turn keyboard upside down and shake all the crumbs out.

  Purpleali 14:47 01 Dec 2013

Thanks Zak have done that and touch wood seems OK at the's an intermittent problem was worried it was something sinister...but hopefully some dust removal has done the job Thanks

  Purpleali 14:48 01 Dec 2013

Why do you think it only happened with input fields such as address bars, search boxes and the likes but no problems with typing in word or emails?

  Zak 16:18 01 Dec 2013

Now that does sound odd. Sorry, but I have no idea as to why this should be the case.

  Purpleali 14:45 02 Dec 2013

Got worse today I turned PC on then it asked me what did I want to boot into, I selected windows 7 then same problem in password field- filled with asterisk before I had chance to type Now got it in safe mode doing system restore but already been over 20mins in initializing stage...using a nexus 7 now but not as convenient as my beloved PC...

  lotvic 14:51 02 Dec 2013

Try a different keyboard, if that works okay then you will know it was a faulty keyboard and not the pc and Windows 7.

Then again it might be a loose cable, when you have the pc switched off check all the cables are firmly inserted.

  Purpleali 15:39 02 Dec 2013

Ok so system restore completed but I still have the same problem Any ideas? Thanks in advance

  Jollyjohn 16:08 02 Dec 2013

Next time you can access the pc remove the need for a password to log in so pc boots to desktop.

then trying booting with no keyboard attached, you may get an error message from the BIOS. If so change to Halt on No Errors.

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