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Associating Word with Tiscali

  Truronian 16:28 01 May 2014

I now have a computer running Windows 8.1 and have MS Home and Student installed on it. My ISP is Tiscali (now owned by Talktalk). I want to be able to type my emails using Word but I believe I need to associate Word with Tiscali. Please explain, in simple steps, how I do that.

  Nontek 16:46 01 May 2014

I don't know how to with Win8, but can give you a probable clue - Open Control Panel and look for Setting Program Defaults, or something very similar.

It is a good feeling if/when you can find answers yourself, usually just needs a bit of experimenting.

  alanrwood 13:30 02 May 2014

What your ISP is is of no consequence. It is simply the medium by which the information is transmitted. Why do you want to use Word to prepare your emails. Why not use the facility in your email program. If you want to use Word then prepare a document in Word and attach it to your email. Problem with that is that the recipient also would need Word to open it.

If I am misunderstanding what you mean please accept my apologies.

  Zak 18:24 02 May 2014

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