Associating Corel Photopaint with JPG (XP Pro)

  Diemmess 15:31 03 Mar 2007

Have just begun to enjoy XPPro (SP2) which is better than I ever thought it would be after Win 2000.

Most of the few snags have been dealt with but....

The series of file association Windows (Open With) don't behave the way I expected.

Corel Graphics v 12 is happily installed and working.

I select a jpg, right click and choose Open With,
am offered Windows Paint, other unlikely programs, or Browse.

I can find PhotoPaint in the browse window, but cannot highlight it or seem to relate it to the window before - which in 2K used to have a list of almost every application on the computer. (Click the one I wanted ignore the rest and just get on with it).

I am sure the answer is simple, I'm just too simple to see an answer.

  toxin 15:42 03 Mar 2007

Control Panel> Folder Options> File Types>scroll down to jpeg etc , select, click advanced and change the program that opens it to Photopaint.

  Diemmess 16:26 03 Mar 2007

Sorry toxin,
That way takes me to the same point, and same negative result.

Curiously Corel draw graphics are already associated (CDR).
Just PhotoPaint is the outcast though it will open JPG via the application.

  toxin 20:30 03 Mar 2007

Hi Diemmess!

Does changing the options in Corel Photopaint help?

Open Photopaint goto Options>global>Filters>Associate and then scroll down the list and select the image file types you want to open with photopaint

  woodchip 20:37 03 Mar 2007

Have you used Windows Explorer to try it? Win key plus E. then on the file you want to open right click on it while holding Shift key choose from list in Open With then put a tick in the box to always use that program before clicking ok

  Diemmess 09:55 04 Mar 2007

Thank you to all. I was in a loop!

However I tried, wound up with the same dumb window which would not be directed to PhotoPaint.

Solution, was the old uninstall/reinstall trick.

Previously I had tried the shorter cut to remove and later reinstall just Photopaint - no difference! This was War!

Removed the whole suite, ran CCleaner, rebooted from cold. New installation of the Corel Graphic suite, rebooted selected the nearest .jpg, and on "Open With" again, but there at last was Photopaint - among the recommended!

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