+++ Assign a drive letter for Medion 500gb external drive ++

  pcdimwit 12:44 27 Jun 2011

Hi, I got the Medion Drive & go, 500gb external hard drive, its installed PERFECTLY on my Windows XP laptop, installed the drive, appears as Drive F on the "my computer" and has already taken a large file of photo's to the drive and stored them and plays them back fine. HOWEVER when I try and install it in my VISTA laptop it says its installed the driver BUT it doesnt show in the "my computer" in start. I seem to remember having this trouble before with this particular Asus Vista laptop with my Buffalo 500gb external drive (though it installed on another Acer Vista laptop no problem!!!) so my question is: how do I "see" where this drive is appearing and how do I "assign" it a drive letter?? thanks PCDIMWIT

  wee eddie 12:56 27 Jun 2011

Firstly, I seem to remember that this Drive is USB Powered.

It is quite likely that the USB Ports of your Laptop do not deliver sufficient power to run the Drive. You may need something like this

On the point of assignation of a Drive letter. The PC/Laptop will assign it a suitable Letter every time it is plugged in.There is no reason that this should be the same every time. It will depend on the number of USB Devices you have plugged in already.

  pcdimwit 13:04 27 Jun 2011

It came with a cable like that with an extra power USB on the USB end, its got a USB3 plug on the other end to the drive. but its showing very quickly that it HAS installed the driver in the task bar below but it simply doesnt show in the Drives on "my computer" in start menu, I dont think it is the power issue as my Buffalo drive did EXACLT THE SAME on this Asus laptop, I seem to remember I had to assign it a drive letter, I have been into "devices" and it shows all the drives there, its coming up as a Hitachi with a number against it. I will track back to what the answer was for the Buffallo drive and see if that is still there. thanks PCDIMWIT

  pcdimwit 13:51 27 Jun 2011

I checked back to my post about the Buffallo external drive and the explanations given there seem to relate to the fact that the external drive DID appear in drives section of "my computer" but with this Medion drive it doesnt appear ANYWERE, even in drives in device manager, this is very weird as its loaded fine on the XP computer, I cant figure out what can be wrong here. PCDIMWIT

  wee eddie 13:57 27 Jun 2011

I thought you said that it came up as a Hitachi Drive (Medion is, of course, only the label on the casing)

  rawprawn 14:13 27 Jun 2011

Have a look in Control Panel> Admin Tools> Computer Management> Disk Management. If it appears there you can name it what you want. I would suggest something like Z well away from other letters of designation.

  pcdimwit 14:19 27 Jun 2011

WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!! LAZARUS-2ND!!! that guy's a GENIUS - I went back and studied it carefully and even PRINTED PAGES ANG PAGES of the link he sent for how to assign a drive letter for my Buffalo external drive, way back last march i think it was, and managed to FIND the drive (finally!!!) through "administrative tools" that opened up the page for the hard drives, it WAS there and with the instructions from Lazarus-2nd's link I managed to assign this drive letter "J" - the previous "F" letter that has nothing attached to it must have been the Buffalo drive I assiged to that laptop when I was using that, anyway, Thank God!!! it is now assigned and is appearing on that Vista laptop (with the standard USB cable) and transferring and accepting new files!!! Just thought I'd let you know, thanks Alot - PCDIMWIT

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