assessment why my pc doesnt turn on

  Amit Sivak 16:54 01 Dec 2018

gigabyle GA-990fxA-UD3 original replacement gigabyte 970A-DS3P FX gtx 9800 I also have a gtx 660 in another pc I THINK the 9800 is still ok 8gb ram cpu -8350 fx

about a year ago I took apart my pc for dust cleaning (we have a lot of dust in our region) when I tried to slip the true120 heatsink off the tension from thermal goop pulled the pc right out of the mobo

there were some lightly bent pins which I fixed. after reinstalling everything, it it wouldnt boot. I tried to estimate if it was the cpu or mb or both.

the mobo had a very weak "grip" when locking down the cpu down so I guessed something was off with that. so I got a mobo. we all know cpu that had bent pins and were still ok.

installed the new mobo and everything else and come to boot and get no lights. nothing. on off, power on back of psu is on.

a few things that Id like to ask. 1-does it matter if the bios battery if dead for it to even turn on? 2-the mobo has a weird diagram for the power button of the case (antec 902) see the image from the manual click here shows the + and - in 3 pins and the connector of the case is 2 pin connector. how am I supposed to connect a 2 pin to a 3 pin that shows in the image?

I get no boot no matter how I arrange the connector on the mobo pins. no lights no nothing. 3-if the cpu is not good, the pc maybe wouldnt post but at the very least power up, am I right on this or can a bad cpu casue the pc not to even turn on? ill try another psu but this a 1 year old psu.

any help extremely appreciated.!


  Amit Sivak 17:40 01 Dec 2018

ok, I think I did a "stupid" if you look athe image where I circled in red, thats the "power led"

the "power switch is on the other side inbetween the speaker and "power/sleep led" whatever the hell that is. ok will try it out again and see. will update!

thanks for the help guys. youre awesome hahaha im entertaining myself

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