Assemble a 40 page booklet without a specific publishing program

  Diemmess 17:50 05 Jul 2011

Twice a year I publish a village a magazine. Have done it for years but still use Word as the core program. The latest is at the printer now, made up from 40 separate pdf files. He is happy to accept that format.

For the last year I have given the magazine as a single pdf to the village webmaster, and obviously he has little to do but load it.

I set off with good intentions, a specific format for the Word pages which are about 60% of the document(with some text boxes) and the rest Corel Draw files which are converted to pdf when ready for insertion.

Fine for the magazine print, but when I try to make a single Word file ready for the net site my tweaks here and there cause lots of grief, where I have word files which have been squeezed and manipulated as single files and now play awkward as I try to make one file of them in page order.

I'm becoming slow and rather reluctant at times to learn new tricks. Is there anyone out there who has a brilliant solution?

  Diemmess 09:55 06 Jul 2011

I'll rephrase my problem.

I have 40 pages of a village magazine, all pages converted to single pdf files and accepted by a printing firm.

I now wish to give the village website manager one single PDF ready for publishing on our website

Roughly half the pages are Word.doc files and the trouble with simply pasting another page in the new one-piece doc is where I have had to tweak or take liberties with detail formatting. For example add a page number in its own little text box. This sort of thing is likely to screw up the existing format.

The lesser 'half' is a series of Corel.cdr files which paste easily into a full page text box on the next Word page.

Is it possible to lock a single Word page, so that it can be copied to a new page without messing up either the growing new document or the file being copied?

  lotvic 11:01 06 Jul 2011

If you already have 40 pages converted to single pdf files why not just amalgamate them into one pdf file? There seem to be plenty of free programs to download that will do that. Google for: pdf files make several into one .pdf if your existing pdf editor doesn't let you do it (you didn't say how you made the word docs into pdf's)

  Diemmess 19:53 06 Jul 2011

Thanks lotvic,

I was given (long ago) a dubious copy of Acrobat v 6 which though installed and allows me to 'print' almost any file to pdf, will seize up everything if I try to use it as an application!

Still searching for the right freebie.

  Diemmess 13:44 07 Jul 2011

Commonsense has prevailed!

I have downloaded PDF995 which seems to be capable of almost anything. Blinded by all its expertise, I muddled my way through and my problem is solved.

Four programs within a suite. Free but with some sponsored clutter which can be completely cleared for a $19.25 one off, but the clutter is easily moved out of the way. It will take me a long time even to understand some of its possibilities.

  lotvic 14:16 07 Jul 2011

Thanks for that feedback. It looks a good program for free, I note the following good features

• Free: Creates PDFs without annoying watermarks

• Free: Fully functional, not a trial and does not expire

  Pineman100 14:35 07 Jul 2011

Here's a simple little free download that I've used occasionally. It's called PDFSam (PDF Split And Merge):

Click here

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