Asrock K7VT2 Motherboard - no video out & no beeps

  ssteveyg1001 10:47 27 Sep 2003


Could someone please help me. I recently purchased several new compoents to build a new PC; AMD XP2400+ 233fsb, 512 x 2 PC133 SDRAM, 4x AGP Sparkle Geforce MX 128meg DDR, 80gb hdd, dvd & cdwriter.

Whenever I turn the power on, the CPU fan spins and the hard disk whirls, but;-

No Video Output & No beeps just quiet

I have checked all the components in another PC and all function. I can't find any help from Asrock web site.

Please help this problem is driving me up the wall, and I need to get it fixed so I can continue my studies.

P.S. Also, the board states to set the FSB for the CPU to either 100 or 133, but my CPU is 233fsb. The cpu does with with this board as I checked the compatibility list on Asrock.

Help :-)

S Garlinge.

  Mat2 11:37 27 Sep 2003

Hi ssteveyg1001

Have you set the FSB to 133, if you haven't set it to that, the computer should then go through the POST. If the setting is incorrect on these boards the computer does nothing.


  Peverelli 12:40 27 Sep 2003

You need to set the FSB at 133 to fully optimise your CPU. I had many problems trying to get my PC to run with this board. See if these threads are any help to you.

click here

click here

  ssteveyg1001 13:14 27 Sep 2003


I have tried setting the FSB to 100 & 133 to no avail.

I have looked through the other links you set me, and from what I can see, I need to set the CPU frequency's manually.

Have looked at their support site, and the motherboard manual and there is no mention or refrence to setting the CPU frequency. Could you please help.

Also, I know some people are saying to upgrade the bios but I cant as it doesn't boot at the moment.

Any help would be appreciated.



  Peverelli 14:22 27 Sep 2003

Have you swapped the mouse and keyboard connectors around? This board has been known to be wired up the wrong way around. Mine wouldn't boot up until I plugged the keyboard into the "mouse" connection on the board and the mouse into the "keyboard" connection.

  Gaz 25 14:34 27 Sep 2003

Peverelli :
Just shows you. ;-(

Why can products not be made to quality standards any more.

Anyway, just to let you know I have had endless troubles with low cost mobos.

For a start one of the components caused this, got a new one and it worked.

It could even be the power switch.

  alan 2273 15:51 27 Sep 2003

You say you have 2 x 512 pc133 of ram Ithink you will find if you take one out it could solve your problem as over 512 of sdram can casuse problems.

  neko 16:31 27 Sep 2003


I had the same sort of problem but not with that board. Turned out to be a Ram problem. It might not be seated properly or one might be faulty.
As Alan said it might be too much.
Also are there three memory slots? Sometimes you have to use them in order.
Try one at a time in the first slot.
No beeps from Post? is the internal speaker wired.
I am no computer tech but I do know of this happening on two machines. Good luck m8

  Rayuk 19:56 27 Sep 2003

Is it a new motherboard installation as well,if so have you left any stand offs in from previous board that might be shorting new one out.

  ssteveyg1001 21:04 27 Sep 2003

There are 2 x 2 slots of SDRAM & DDR. There are two 512 SDRAM in the SDRAM slots.

All components work in another board and function correclty.

There must be some extra settings on the board that I don't know about. I have checked the 'quick install guide', manual and details from click here website to no avail.

Does anyone know about this board and what the correct CPU frequency settings should be - obviously this would need to be set on the board and NOT the bios.

Someone mentioned earlier, is the BIOS post turned off to enable the motherboard to take control or was it the other way round? If so, where do I find the jumper for that as I cant see any reference to it.


  Mat2 22:09 27 Sep 2003

Have you check the jumper just above the AGP slot with is labeled FSB_SEL1, to make sure it is set to 133mhz. This setting is correct for the AMD Athlon 2400xp+. once this is set the computer should boot so you can enter the BIOS to finish the setting it the motherboard up. The information for the Asrock K7VM2 is the same as the K7VT2 motherboard because I run a AMD Athon 1800XP+ on it with the FSB set at 133mhz and it works perfectly wll on that board.
I hop this information helps you find a solution to your problem


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