Asrock 4i65G mobo Upgrade Problem

  skidzy 20:49 03 Oct 2006

Ive recently purchased a new Mobo Asrock 4i65G
A new pentium 4 processor
New psu.

Psu and lead has been tested and ok as is the cpu.

Problem im having is im getting no power at all.

I may be connecting up wrongly,im not to sure !

All ram 512mb seated correctly.

XP Home SP2

If someone can find a diagram to instruct me to double check that i have connected the wires up correctly,it would be greatly appreciated please.

Ive tried to follow the manual,but still no joy.

The main wires im concerned about are all coming from the front of the case Red/White Green/Yellow
Black and Yellow,could this be the reason for no power.

If anybody needs more info ...please ask.

As usual all help and advice greatly appreciated.

Thankyou Skidzy

  ed-0 21:03 03 Oct 2006

have you connected both the 20 pin and 4 pin power connectors? You need both to run.

What cpu are you using.

Are these your header pins?

What connections have you made.

  ed-0 21:04 03 Oct 2006

These header pins :-(

click here

Forgot the link.

  skidzy 21:14 03 Oct 2006

Hi ed-0,thankyou for the response..and please bear with me,never done this before.

I have 4 sets of wires marked as follows:

Red /White marked H.D.D. Led

Yellow/Green marked power led

Black/white marked Power SW

The mobo is marked also and im following this.

Yes your image is the Header pins and yes both power connecters are connected.

  skidzy 21:25 03 Oct 2006

Header is connected now as per manual and your image shack image ed-0

I now have a blue mobo connection 9 pin and a 9 pin connector,ive connected this and still no power.

Im lost to be frank !

  ed-0 21:28 03 Oct 2006

You only need the power SW to be connected, the others can be done after the machine posts. In fact it doesn't even need any pins connected. Shorting the pins for a split second can kick start the motherboard.

What pins do you have the power SW connected to?

Also check this. One of the reasons that some motherboards will not post, for those just starting system building. Is the fact that both power connectors are not pluged into the motherboard. In your case you need both the 20 pin and the 4 pin power connector. can you confirm you have both connected.

  ed-0 21:32 03 Oct 2006

" I now have a blue mobo connection 9 pin and a 9 pin connector,ive connected this and still no power. "

Could you be a little clearer on what you mean by the above statement.

You have 9 pins on the motherboard and a full 9 pin connector? Do you mean the motherboard front panel header?

If so, jut cut the wires down to two, power SW.

  skidzy 21:34 03 Oct 2006

Both power connectors are connected ed-0 (4 pin and 20 pin).

SW is connected to the middle pins on your diagram.

  skidzy 21:37 03 Oct 2006

The Blue 9 pin connecter is totally different from the Sw connecter,and seems to have its own connection as this will not fit any where else,sorry if im confusing you ed-0

  skidzy 21:43 03 Oct 2006

This may out out what im trying to do ed-0 click here

  ed-0 21:45 03 Oct 2006

Just to check your connection.

The motherboard header has a row of 4 and a blank. And under this ther is a row of 5.

On the row of 4, you connect pins 3 and 4. ( PWRBTN# and GND )

Are these the pins connected.

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