ASP.NET in my user accounts. Why?

  Ive 12:47 29 Nov 2003

XP Home. I normally turn on my pc and it goes straight to my desktop, now however it firstly goes to welcome screen where I have to log on which I dont want to have to do. The only reason I can see for this is that ASP.NET machine a.... limited account password protected, has appeared in my user accounts, but I dont know why it is there or how it got there. Is it something I can safely delete in user accounts (delete the account) or has it appeared for a reason.

  Ive 13:02 29 Nov 2003

anybody there

  VoG II 13:06 29 Nov 2003

Yes this has come up before. You can safely delete the account.

  Ive 13:43 29 Nov 2003

VOG. I deleted account ok.
Computer still does not go straight to my desktop on startup though, as it used to. Any ideas.

  Ive 14:16 29 Nov 2003

Any one else got any ideas on how to go straight to desktop on start up without having to log on.

  VoG II 14:25 29 Nov 2003

Have you downloaded any Windows updates lately?

Something similar happened to me - I have a single user account yet afrer an update it kept insisting that I click on the (only) account.

I removed the update and got back to normal.

Sorry, I can't remember which update but it was NOT a critical one.

  Big Elf 14:57 29 Nov 2003

The facility to Autologin is available as a setting in TweakUI from click here

  Ive 17:01 29 Nov 2003

Big Elf. Thanks a lot.
Downloaded it. Installed and set it.
Problem solved.
Thanks very much.

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