Aspire One Cloudbook 14 question

  thegreatone 03:38 15 Feb 2019

Bit of an involved question,have posted on here because not sure where to start.

So I bought an 'Aspire One Cloudbook 14' in Tesco about 2 years ago, it was a big purchase for me.

I have an ageing old Windows 8 pc; I thought this would be perfect for music production on the go.

I was impressed with the 1TB on the box and that it had Windows 10.

It turns out all the storage was on the cloud; Thing was when I got the laptop home I got it connected to the internet and did all of the signups, then it started updating Windows - This update however never finished as it ran out of space!

Never got as far as registering for cloud storage, apparently that was what I was supposed to do and then install my applications and everything on the cloud - It was very flustrating and it just never got to update windows; It worked perfectly for about 10 minutes and then was unusable with no free space stuck not being able to update windows.

I probably should have returned it there and then but one thing and another.

A few weeks later I installed Ununtu on it using an online tutorial as it was unusable and have used it ever since for my office stuff but have not been able to use it for music production on the go 'Ableton' etc or any of the programs I have had to keep using on my old pc..

I purchased a cheap Windows 10 HP mini off Ebay and have just about been able to record the last year but it barely works with Ableton,N-Track Studio etc.

Is there anything I can do with this Cloudbook, it seems quite fast and should be able to do more but I don't know where to start,I'm not greatly technical and have had little success working with Ubuntu audio recording and Digital Audio Workstations, I didn't receive any disks with windows etc so possibly wouldn't be able to go back to Windows but even if I did I would probably have the same problem straight away.

I know this is a long question but any help would be appreciated as I cant afford a new laptop at the moment but am looking to work more with music production if I can and fix this Chromebook.

Many thanks


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:20 15 Feb 2019

If you uninstalled windows before install Ubuntu did you format the drive and wipe any recovery partitions? May be you can reset the PC to its original configuration and start again.

Does it have the windows serial number on the base?

You could download and make the windows boot media from MS click here click on the option to "install windows 10 on a different PC"

Format the drive to get rid of grub and put a clean version of windows on it (you may not even need the serial key as the machine should be registered on the MS serves for its original serial key.

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