asp files

  Digital 16:20 23 Jun 2003

How do I open an .asp file? When I try to open it I get Open with..., double-clicking gets same.

  Digital 17:58 23 Jun 2003

Thanks JoeC but the link didn't tell me what I needed to know. Now I look closely the file in question is .exe.asp. It comes from a reliable source recommended by Crucial (it's a memory tester. DocMemory I think).
The instructions are just to execute it but it won't 'cos I can't open it!

  Digital 19:31 23 Jun 2003

Hi folks, yes I did wonder about the double extension but AVG says it's OK; maybe someone else can run another AV checker on the files. The site, given me by Crucial support, is click here. Look for DocMemory download & the two relevant files are v1.45a and v2.0. I did e-mail Simmtester but they've not come back yet.

  Digital 20:51 23 Jun 2003

I tried again but Netscape insists on adding .asp to the file as it saves it. Very strange, it's never done that before! An e-mail suggested it was a zip file but without a zip extension WinZip ain't inteested. Ho hom...

  Digital 20:53 23 Jun 2003

For "inteested" read "interested" - well, it is (nearly) late here in the UK!

  Digital 21:05 23 Jun 2003

Thank you Valvegrid for the offer, no offence but JoeC has 'em already so I'll take up his offer.

JoeC, yes please, whenever you care.

Thanks for your help everyone. If Simmtester ever reply I'll let you know.

  Digital 21:24 23 Jun 2003

JoeC - not a sign of them, must be going the pretty way around!

  Digital 21:34 23 Jun 2003

They got here (Welsh Wales) at 21.32! Thanks again for your help JoeC.

  Digital 22:14 23 Jun 2003

And the memory test ran fine JoeC. Thanks again everyone.

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