.ASP & Access web hosts - any suggestions ?

  Taran 09:01 22 May 2004

Question for you all.

Some of my students are nearing the end of this term and course are looking for inexpensive web hosting for .ASP and Access.

Hosting has cropped up in here many times and there have been some very useful suggestions for PHP & MySQL Apache web hosts, but a handful of my students have been lured to the dark side and so they need .ASP and Access database support (sigh).

I've told them to check out the handful of Windows hosts I normally use but they all went up in arms at the cost - probably something to do with being penniless students, although their social life never seems to suffer I've noticed...

One or two have also mentioned .NET support, but I strongly suspect that they are really pushing their luck.

Any suggestions will be passed on along the chain and I'm sure they will be grateful for any leads.

It's worth noting that they want development servers for testing applications as part of an ongoing learning process, not for live site deployment for clients.

I had arranged for some IIS server use at college for those that wanted it but during the summer months this will be taken offline for a period of network maintenance where a skeleton staff will remove all non-essential services. It is only meant for use during their period as an enrolled student.

Ideas ?

  Forum Editor 10:27 22 May 2004

should be able to rake up £50+VAT for a Windows 2003 hosting account that runs on IIS6 with support for ASP.NET, Microsoft Access, and MSSQL.

click here

  Taran 10:53 22 May 2004

Thanks for that.

I'd run some searches and come up with some similar results, although not that particlar company.

Given the chance though, I'd always rather go with a recommendation.

I'll pass the link on later today and I don't doubt that there will be a few extra hits on the site by this evening.

  Taran 00:49 23 May 2004

I'll tick this as resolved to keep things tidy.

Thanks for the suggestions, which have now been passed along.


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