Asking for help with a defragging problem.

  Housten 16:45 12 Sep 2017

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen,

I recently had a 128 GB SSD installed in my computer and have been wondering about defragging it. I have seen articles – well before the installation – that they should never be defragged and others that suggest it is acceptable to do so. Can any kind person tell me which way I should be going on this?

Also I have used Piriform’s Defraggler for some years as I trust their Ccleaner. I would like to know if there is a better one out there, please.

Thanks to all who reply and I can assure everyone who sends in a reply, that I will be very grateful.

  john bunyan 16:52 12 Sep 2017

Do not defrag a SSD: If you have windows 10 , it should auto run a TRIM programme. In run box type defrag and it will tell you.

  john bunyan 16:59 12 Sep 2017

PS Select the drive and it tells you when last optimised - if you select optimise it runs the TRIM version. Right click search box (the ring next to the windows symbol bottom left of taskbar; type defrag, select "Defrag and Optimise drives, and select the dive concerned. I nused to use 3rd part defraggers but do so no longer with the latest Windows 10.If yo do not have windows 10 , come back.

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