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Asking for a 2nd opinion, PSU on it's way out ?

  Devil Fish 23:40 05 Dec 2015

Pc has been working fine for months all of a sudden it is rebooting itself some times before reaching post other times after 5-10 minutes or so.Leaning towards psu on its way out but would anything else cause this? before i lay out cash for a new one .Have checked all fans working and clean and temps are all ok .

  Devil Fish 00:21 06 Dec 2015

Thank you for your response, Should have said machine running Linux which has been throwing up errors this afternoon.Checked all connections they all ok. To throw in mix just tried reinstalling XP on it as i have retail version deleted linux partition and pc went off that's as far as i got now looping on and off before post

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:40 06 Dec 2015

HAve you cleaned it out?

dust and fluff trapped between fan an heatsink - dust in heasink - fan blades clogged need scrapping?

  Devil Fish 15:28 06 Dec 2015

Yes Fruit Bat /\0/\ have checked all of above thank you for your response. Rdave will try new drive but won't be until tomorrow now thank you for the suggestion

  Devil Fish 21:29 07 Dec 2015

New drive in install got as far as format drive,1% into format went into reboot then continuous reboot before post.looks like new psu is the way forward could have done without expense this side of Christmas but hey ho that's life.

Thank you all for your suggestions

  Devil Fish 20:49 10 Dec 2015


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