Ashampoo Winoptimizer 2008

  iqs 20:39 01 Dec 2007


I have just installed Ashampoo Winoptimizer 2008 which was included on last months PC Adviosr DVD.

I have used all the optimizer functions except Defrag 2 and the Internet Tuner.

What is the difference between XP's own defrag and defrag 2?.
And can anyone offer advice on the best way to use the Internet Tuner please.My ISP is Virgin cable 20mb, and I am using a Netgear router.

Thank you all.


  iqs 14:04 02 Dec 2007


  GEEKSTA 15:40 02 Dec 2007

just wondering,
is Ashampoo Winoptimizer making a difference to your computer??
because i had the older version??


  mfletch 15:46 02 Dec 2007

Hi, I would not bother with the Internet Tuner it is manly for DIAL UP and you are on broadband,

The defrag is no different to the windows one just a different make it is safe to use,


  iqs 18:04 02 Dec 2007

When I use Internet Cleaner,it detects and removes files which CCleaner,Window Sweeper and ATF leave behind.And Drive Cleaner seems very competent .But does it make a difference?.So far I have not noticed any difference in performance.But its free and like I said it finds files etc, which others miss.

Hi mfletch,
I will do as you suggest and not use the Internet Tuner.I did have concerns about this tool,hense the thread.If it not broke.......

Thank you both.

  iqs 19:54 02 Dec 2007

Just used defrag 2,my PC did not like it.Thankfully I created a restore point before.
Could just be my PC but...........

  GEEKSTA 16:45 04 Dec 2007

pc did not like it??
what happened??

  iqs 19:23 04 Dec 2007

what happened..The PC would take 10 minutes to boot.When the desktop finally appeared I had lost all icons and toolbar.And I also lost the system restore option from control panel.Any ideas GEEKSTA

  mfletch 19:26 04 Dec 2007

I am very surprised that a defrag can do that but?

Maybe is was the reg cleaner!


  realdealrep 18:36 27 Aug 2008

I had been having trouble which bordered on a crash of my hard drive so then I bought Jv16 Powertools ( The problems I was experiencing seem to have been resolved. However, I have not seen any appreciable improvement in the speed of operation, which is probably because I have a very fast machine to begin with. :-o

  conrail 22:20 27 Aug 2008

been using defrag 2 for ages, unlike windows defrag it runs in the background, no need to stop working, with windows you have to stop the screensaver and leave the pc to get on with it, defrag 2 gives me a weekly update on how it is working

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