Ashampoo PowerUpXP - Removal

  johndrew 11:17 02 Jul 2006

Last December I tried the subject software which was provided as a full version on the PCA DVD (issue 125). I didn`t like or need it so I used its own uninstaller to remove it.

Whilst using Autoruns I noticed it is still on my system. It appears as two entries in Windows\system32 (Pupxpman.exe and pupxptwk.exe); there is also a registry entry `mspwr REG_SZ`.

I have used Autoruns to stop the function and both Registry Mechanic and Ccleaner to `tidy up` but neither have removed the entries.

Is it safe to delete these entries or is there a `proper` way to fully dispose of them?

Thanks in anticipation.

  johndrew 09:50 03 Jul 2006


  johndrew 20:09 03 Jul 2006


  skidzy 20:48 03 Jul 2006

I also had a problem a while ago with the same software.I reinstalled and deleted via add and remove programs..then ran ccleaner followed with regscrubxp click here
then click here
Cleanup can be setup to how aggresive you want it to be.
This i believe cleared the Ashampoo from my system.

Hope this helps

  johndrew 14:27 04 Jul 2006

Hello skidzy, thanks for responding.

As a result of your input I reinstalled PowerUpXP again and used `Add or Remove` to uninstall it. I was left with the same items mentioned above. I ran `RegscrubXP` (which I use often) and downloaded and used `CleanUp!!` in `Standard` mode. I also ran `Ccleaner` and `Registry Mechanic` again.

Although many bits were cleaned up I still have the registry entry `mspwr REG_SZ` when I run `Autoruns`.

I manually deleted the other 2 .exe files but this has had no other effect than to cause `Autoruns` to tell me `the file was not found`.

How agressively did you run `CleanUp`? I am a bit wary of the software as it does seem to dig quite deeply into all sorts of files, including the Registry.

  skidzy 20:04 04 Jul 2006

Hi JA,I normally make a restore point first and then set Cleanup to standard.
This way if you encounter any problems,SR should put your system back to how you had it prior to using cleanup.
Maybe it would be best if you started with the basic option first and see how you get on.

Hope this helps.

  johndrew 14:10 05 Jul 2006

Hi skidzy, I did run it in Standard mode but it left the 3 files I wanted rid of.

I deleted the 2 .exe files but still the Registry entry isn`t removed. See my last post.

Any further suggestions?

  johndrew 11:48 08 Jul 2006

Unless someone can make a good suggestion it looks as if I will be passing on any further action.

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