ASDL sharing, Router / modem quiery

  PhiltheFragger 17:07 10 Sep 2003

I currently have freeserve broadband that comes in a package with the Alcatel Speed touch USB modem ( the one that looks like a sting ray )

I want to netywork 2 other puters in the house to share the connection and to do that I need a router.

All the routers I have seen are router / modems and I need to know if this is ok.

Will the router make my old modem redundant or do they run side by side.

If I only need the new router modem, how do i get it to work with freeserve.

Also can anybody suggest an inexpensive router



  PhiltheFragger 19:22 10 Sep 2003


  AndySD 19:25 10 Sep 2003

Does your current modem connect to your PC via USB?

  nuno83 19:39 10 Sep 2003

hello I've got the same question!
my modem is the bt voyager 100 usb adsl modem the worst in the earth > NOT RECOMMENDED!
but anyway if I want to have a ethernet router since is the only way to have my broadband working under linux, because the hotplug usb of linux is not mature yet!
and i would like to know if my current modem will turn up useless or i'll make a sum of btmodem with the ethernet modem the modem I`m looking for is this: [click here]

  Psiman 19:43 10 Sep 2003

Your answers are:-

- Yes a router / modem is fine to link three computers as long as you buy (say) a four port router.

- Yes, a new router makes your old stingray (Alcatel)modem redundant. They do not need to run side by side.

- If your stingray works with Freeserve then a router will.

- An inexpensive router? well I use a D-Link DSL 504, not the cheapest, so shop around.

  PhiltheFragger 15:11 11 Sep 2003

ok Thanks for the above, but how do I transfer my freeserve dial settings to a new modem?

Sorry if it seems a stupid question


  PhiltheFragger 21:22 11 Sep 2003

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  harry_b 21:41 11 Sep 2003

the router/modem will come with instructions for setting up, all you will need are your freeserve username and password.

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