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  [DELETED] 14:52 01 Aug 2003

I've just purchased a dell (200 D52REV)and am looking to get Broadband. Can anyone recommend a ASDL modem and router. I don't need wireless at the moment but may do for the future.

  [DELETED] 17:38 01 Aug 2003

you decide which ISP you are going to use before asking this question.

For example: if you fancy AOL then they give you no option and you have to take what they supply.
On the other hand there are ISPs who will gladly support any modem (USB or PCI).

Another aspect you have to think about and that is what you intend to use your connection for. If its gaming then, again, the ISP can be more important than the modem, while PCI modems are better for gaming than USB. Come to think of it, PCI modems are better than USB for most things!

Just a few thoughts.


  Forum Editor 17:58 01 Aug 2003

in the future you might be well advised to consider buying a wireless router with an ADSL modem built in.

My recommendation is that you take a look at the Netgear DG824M. This little beauty has it all - it plugs straight into your ADSL phone socket, and will work as a wireless or wired LAN router, so you can connect to your computer via one of the four ultra-fast LAN ports for the time being.

You can check it out for yourself if you
click here

  [DELETED] 18:09 01 Aug 2003

I am looking at click here for the broadband connection. I am probably looking to spend upto £100.

As I don't need the wireless at the moment, and the standards seem to be changing all the time, I'll probably save the cash, and get something when I need it.

Many thanks for the responses

  [DELETED] 11:42 02 Aug 2003

Linksys Intergrated 11Mbps 10/100 4 Portswitch & router with intergrated modem (Linksys BEFW11S4)£72.99 from simply computers. Anyone had any experience of this?

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