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  March Wind 23:25 29 May 2012

Please do not say how much can you afford. I am an ordinary person who does not know much about cameras. I would like to know a good website to buy a Cannon camera. I want a good zoom that takes good night time shots. I cannot see the picture very well on the screen,a view finder would be the best, these are pricey I know. What would you suggest I am not rulling out cameras that do not have a eye view finder. If the price is right, and if I have to give in to price or viewfinder. Please give me some advise and what do I look for to see if the web sit is a good one? If anything was to go wrong with the camera I need to know is it easy to sort it out on the web i.e send it back, where to, Cannon or the site.

  johndrew 09:58 30 May 2012

Have you looked at the Canon website to see what they offer?

Most DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras will do what you expect of them, but many are cheaper than Canon. All (to my knowledge) have viewfinders.

I suggest that unless there is a specific need for Canon you should look at all makes as provided you use a decent site for your purchase all offer similar support. You could start by looking at the reviews for cameras on the PCA site.

  March Wind 23:58 31 May 2012

Thank you for your reply. I bought a Panasonic LUMIX TZ20. No view finder but something had to go. I wanted better pictures and much better night time shots, than the camera I have. Maybe it is the way I take them. I took pictures of ships passing by and they were very poor and blurry much be my hand was shaking. Not sure if I should pay more and get a better camera the one I have looked at only had 5 zoom. I was told I can zoom in and get a good picture, Any more suggestions please

  BT 08:50 01 Jun 2012

I don't want to judge but from what you say you are not an experienced photographer. Perhaps a little reading up on the subject might be helpful. Remember its not necessarily the camera that makes good pictures.

Have a look here for some good instructional videos

Digital Photo Magazine

  frybluff 09:36 01 Jun 2012

The Canon EOS digital range of SLR's takes some beating, with the basic ones starting at under £400. You can spend a couple of grand, but unless you are very keen photographer, little point in spend over about £600. Check out Which? camera section, is good for reviews. If not a member, cost £1. Honestly, local camera shops best to buy, may cost slightly more, but very useful for advice, especially if not experienced.

  johndrew 10:05 01 Jun 2012

".. very poor and blurry .."

When taking photographs in low light where a flash is not an option ("pictures of ships passing") it is almost essential to use a tripod as the camera will extend the exposure time if on auto; if not then it is likely the picture will be very dark.

Perhaps, as BT suggests, you would be wise to read up on the subject as the Panasonic LUMIX TZ20 is not a bad little camera for general use and a decent tripod would be far cheaper than a replacement for it.

  March Wind 16:10 05 Jun 2012

Thank you evry one over and out. How should I turn the tick green?

  Nontek 16:17 05 Jun 2012

Green tick - look at your other thread!!

  wee eddie 19:03 05 Jun 2012

I have just read a Review of the Panasonic LUMIX TZ20 and much of the Review highlights the Optical and Digital Zoom Features.

If you are using any Zoom Feature, above 3x, a Tripod of some sorts is necessary to keep the camera steady. If, on top of that, you use Digital Zoom, which reduces the definition to add greater magnification. Your blurriness would be explained.

Those Gorilla Tripods are easy to use. I have a Fell Walking acquaintance who wraps the Gorilla around his arm, for easy access.

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