ASC Pro .....10.000 free licences.

  cocteau48 11:00 17 Feb 2012

Personally not a great fan of any "optimization" program but if you are interested the Raymondcc blog site is offering 10.000 free licence codes here:enter link description here

  spuds 11:39 17 Feb 2012

Not sure if I have this right, but I thought that was a Valentines Day offer only from Iobit?.

Clicking on the download links on the blog website above, seems to transfer me to another product called PC Performer, which can be downloaded as a part program for free use, or a fully paid for PRO version?.

Is anyone else finding this?.

  cocteau48 11:53 17 Feb 2012


Click on the "asc-setup.exe)"link (two lines above the Licence Code) and it should d/l the .exe without redirecting you to any other site.

  spuds 12:14 17 Feb 2012


I tried that earlier, and it downloaded 28.8MB, and run same. Trying to use the registration code provided failed, wasn't valid?.

Going to try an Upgrade seems to go to payment website that isn't responding?.

I have also noticed that the blog website is now providing a link for Tune-Up 1 Click Maintenance, which I have just downloaded (for experimental purposes).

  Roger Evens 15:02 17 Feb 2012

I downloaded ASC 5 and upgraded to ASC PRO using the key given

  spuds 15:17 17 Feb 2012

Roger Evens

How did you download from the link?

  sunnystaines 15:51 17 Feb 2012

looks like they have the same licence code

Advanced SystemCare PRO v5.1 License Code: 9C98A-D3624-7CC7E-137D4

  Roger Evens 15:56 17 Feb 2012
  spuds 18:42 17 Feb 2012

As I thought,it was a Valentines Day offer with maximum downloads. I have removed all evidence of the previous ASC installed (in case there was a conflict problem with the previous downloads), and just downloaded from the link provided by Roger Evens.

Downloaded okay, but on attempting to register for the PRO upgrade, I am now getting a message informing me that the licence number is invalid and failed, because it as reach the maximum (10.000?) free upgrades.

Experimenting further, I managed to get a transfer to a Valentines Day link for updates. this failed as well. So it would appear that the offer is over.

Would mention that there is a website similar to the blog page mentioned by cocteau48 with the title of MostiWant, which makes regular similar offers.

Apologies to cocteau48 for my extended input. Thank you for mentioning the offer.

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