ASC 5 final build now available

  sunnystaines 18:15 15 Nov 2011
  Peter 00:27 18 Nov 2011


Do you know if ASC 5 is much of an improvement on ASC 4?

One of the reviews on CNET indicated that the free version nags rather a lot to upgrade to the Pro version; Do you know if this is the case please?


  sunnystaines 08:31 18 Nov 2011


sorry I do not know I use the pro version. all i would say is try it if not liked delete it.

keep an eye open free pro versions offered frequently.

  sunnystaines 09:06 18 Nov 2011

the latest build is now they have taken out roboform not sure about the nags.

  Peter 09:51 18 Nov 2011


Thanks for you replies; I think I will give it a try on a disposable partition so I can access it with impunity.

I'll keep a lookout for offers of a free upgrade to the Pro version.


  sunnystaines 08:36 24 Nov 2011


some free pro license offers here

  spuds 11:12 24 Nov 2011

I have used this program from the days when it was originally called Advanced Windows Care, and for various reasons I keep removing the program from my computer systems, then downloading at a later time on trial basis any new versions that become available.

With this new version, it can nag a little for you to upgrade. Trying this new free version can result in some items not being removed, and the upgrade is suggested for these removals. One thing that I found was the fairly large amount of registry errors on the computer that I was using to test this new version program, yet CCleaner was finding far far less, and none after it removed the three it originally found. ASC was still showing registry problems?.

As I stated earlier, I have used this program from the very beginning (basic and giveaway Pro versions), and while it seems to do a fair job, I also have a doubt to its powers. If you go to you will or should find a video and independent report that majorgeeks have done on this product. Might be well worth checking out?.

  Peter 15:09 24 Nov 2011


I upgraded from a Pro version of ASC 4 and my ASC5 is automatically a Pro version.

I miss the Performance Monitor. Perhaps it will return in an update.


  sunnystaines 15:57 24 Nov 2011


the performance monitor was good i liked it too, but if you use a netbook or a low powered pc with poor RAM/CPU you never kept the "A" for long.

its replacement shows under pchealth at the lower end of the program when it opens, but as you say not as good as performance monitor.

  sunnystaines 09:06 25 Nov 2011


to get the desktop monitor from ASC4 to ASC5 goto this link on the iobit forum and read post number 6 for the instructions.

I cant comment on this as i have not tried it but other have reported it ok.

  Peter 16:07 25 Nov 2011


Thanks for the Iobit forum link. I've found a copy of the ASC4 PMonitor programme and got it to load at StartUp. The forum mentions that the links on the monitor won't work, which I think must mean the recommendations. No hardship really; I'll just open ASC5 and run the recommended option from there.


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