podlod 10:40 24 Jun 2010

Hi, I was contemplating on downloading a software to help my PC, someone recommended Advanced System Care. Can you please give me advice on whether it is a good software or is there another that is more proficient on the market?

  rawprawn 11:27 24 Jun 2010

I have found it very good, and it has created no problems.

  podlod 06:44 26 Jun 2010

Hi, thanks for the confo!

  sunnystaines 10:19 26 Jun 2010

i use it too find it very good, not keen on their other software but i do like ASC

  onthelimit 10:29 26 Jun 2010

Does ASC include a defrag?

  sunnystaines 13:48 26 Jun 2010

your better using the free "mydefrag"

click here

  onthelimit 14:20 26 Jun 2010

OK, thanks.

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