Artec WRR 4848 cd-rw - Blank Media not recognised

  Bat21 10:36 01 Apr 2003

When I have blank media in my Cd-RW I get a warning message from Nero that there is "no blank media" in the CDRW!! I'm using quality CDs and have tried various brands but the same problem occurs. Some slower burning brands do work but cannot burn at higher speeds which the wrr4848 is capable of.

I'm also aware that the cdrw keeps on trying to run the blank media as if it was searching and it is very difficult to get the cd to eject.

I emailed Artec last week for help but have had no response at this time. Couldn't find any info on this problem on its site either. There is a firmware fix for the WR4848 which I have downloaded, but I'm unable to get the FLASH program to run as it tells me there is no ASPI Manager! I am also not sure if this is the answer to the problem. Interestingly, under Artec's site map there is a ref to firmware updates,the wrr4848 is not included!!

I've been unable to find any reference to this problem at Microsoft or to bugs affecting the Artec cd-rw.

I'm running Win Xp - Pro + serv pack 1 / 40gb hard drive / 512mg sdram. Nero Express is up to date ver. .....15a

SET UP-the Artec Cd-rw I've set as 'master'with my Artec DVD-R as 'slave', both running on the same IDE cable. Could this be the problem and should I reverse these settings?

Thanks for any help offered.

  Lú-tzé 10:55 01 Apr 2003

You may need InCd or something similar in order to format the CD-RW before use. Regular CD-Rs should be ok to write to though. Which are you using?

  Bat21 23:56 01 Apr 2003

Lú-tzé, Thanks for your response. In this case I've been using CD_RWs as I was backing up split image files created by Norton GHost 2003. (I had a few false starts with a previous version of Ghost and wasted a few CD-Rs)

I'm new to Nero Express which came packaged with the new Artec CD-RW, I previously used Roxio. You may have identified the problem i.e. the users lack of knowledge!!! I'll check out the help files again.


  derbytrader 12:59 08 Jul 2003

have you found a solution. I also have a Artec WRR 4848 cd-rw be it running on Win98. Once the darned thing starts spinning it doesn't want to stop and has moaned a few times there is no blank media when there patently is!!

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