Artec CD - RW installation Error message

  snowy7077 22:16 22 Dec 2003

To all who can help? before Santa comes!

I have a Dell 800mhz Pc with Win98Se operating system and thankfully all is going well....That was until I tried to install a purchased Artec CD-RW external drive, USB port.
The Dell has a DVD Rom, Zip drive and floppy internally installed, and I have also installed a Lacie 80GB External drive (F)
The Artec CD-RW threw up an error message "not enough space for the environment R6009"

Dare I presume that there is not enough space for the CD Drive, all be it an external one?

Would it be better to buy an internal CD Writer and disguard the DVD Rom fitted(I do not use DVD,other than the CD part of the package)
Incidently the CD _Writer icon, replaced the F drive lacie. It would appear I could have one or the other but not both!

Thank goodnes for a very nice lady at Dell who sorted the "go back" for me out very simply.

So if anyone can provide me with a possible solution other than buy a new Pc I would be most appreciative.
In the meantime Happy Christmas to all.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:22 22 Dec 2003

click here to see what MS says.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:23 22 Dec 2003

Actually, ignore the MS one - there may be something under the first.

  Gongoozler 22:35 22 Dec 2003

It appears that this message most commonly occurs when there is a line in CONFIG.SYS that is the cause. Windows 98 doesn't really need CONFIG.SYS, so if you open it in Notepad and save it as CONFIG.OLD, then add REM before each line in the file and resave it as CONFIG.SYS, you will have told your computer to ignore the lines because they are only remarks. If this works, you can progressively remore the REM comments until you find the offending line. If all goes wrong, you can reopen CONFIG.OLD, and save it as CONFIG.SYS.

In order to find C:\CONFIG.SYS you may have to go to Start - Settings - Folder Options, click on the View tab, and put a dot in "Show all files", and untick "Hide file extensions for known file types"

  Diodorus Siculus 22:36 22 Dec 2003

Thanks for that very prompt response.

I am not sure if I have got to the bottom of this yet?
The Hardware needs 64MB ram and I have 128.
Not much by todays standards, but Ok for what I do.

I still have the problem of the F drive disappearing from the Assigned lacie drive and then becoming the CD drive?
A is the floppy
C is the hard drive
D is the Zip
E is the CD Rom
F is the Lacie

No B drive?

Any further advice, before I hit the bottle......"over my head"


Please, post in the thread - someone else may be able to help.

  Gongoozler 10:25 23 Dec 2003

Hi snowy7077. If you still have the option, I'm sure that an internal drive would be easier to set up than an external one. You should be able to fit 4 drives on the internal IDE bus, so if you only have 1 hard drive and a DVD-rom drive, an internal CD-RW drive should be simple to fit.
If you don't have any spare IDE ports, you can fit an internal PCI to IDE card.

  snowy7077 19:04 24 Dec 2003

I have settled on an internal DVD reader and CD writer combi drive.

I will have it installed after Christmas.

Hard drives are OK but Back up is needed?

Again I appreciate the reliability of the advice given and a big thankyou to all for taking the time especially at this time of year to respond to my questions.

All the best,

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