arrrrrgh BIOS is screwed!

  fourjays 19:54 13 Feb 2005

Hi all,
I was updating the BIOS on my second computer, via MSI Live Update (does all the hardwork for you), when my little sister (in her infinite wisdom), decided to try doing something else, and froze the computer. The computer then promptly rebooted, and will not load at all.

I have tried the BIOS restore (floppy in drive, press ctrl-home)from the back-up made by MSI Update, but it wont work. I have also tried clearing the CMOS, with no success.

MSI say on their website, that I will need to purchase a replacment BIOS. Where can I get one?

The mobo is an MSI 848P Neo S-series.

Please HELP!

  User-312386 20:19 13 Feb 2005

click here and use there flash utility with the most up to date BIOS, which is version 2.0 dated 2004-10-12

  fourjays 20:27 13 Feb 2005

How do I do that then? I can't get into Windows or anything. The power comes on, but no keyboard, HDD, or CD lights come on. Just the power lights.

  woodchip 20:36 13 Feb 2005

You cannot flash a BIOS if you cannot see the Screen, You need a new BIOS or the old one doing on a Machine that can restore from a new BIOS

  GaT7 20:53 13 Feb 2005

Your options (unless someone knows better!):

- You've tried these, haven't you? click here.

- To ask MSI support directly what to do, where to purchase a replacement BIOS & how much it'll cost click here.

- You can post your problem at the MSI Forum click here.

- Your 'damaged' BIOS chip may be able to be re-programmed click here.

- You can purchase a replacement from click here (if the one directly from MSI is considerably more expensive).

Keep us posted on your progress. Good luck, G

  fourjays 21:01 13 Feb 2005

I have talked to a good friend, who is good with computers. After some diagnosis, he said that the BIOS is fried. He says two options:

New m/board.
New BIOS - but the BIOS is a soldered one. I could solder it, but first I have to get one. Where can I get one from? MSI 'contact us' wont give me a UK contact no.

  GaT7 21:31 13 Feb 2005

It appears you didn't see my initial post when you made your most recent one. The MSI link will put you in direct contact with their support via a webform you will need to fill in & submit.

The cheapest replacement service (I could find) is click here at US$25/GB£13-14 all inclusive. Make sure to read the FAQs, disclaimers, etc., & also at the earlier site: homepage is at click here. Also, with either site, you can contact them before ordering.

Another (long shot?) option would be to contact the UK-based Oliver Baker, who apparently has experience with this type of problem & may be able to help. His email address is [email protected] (source of info: click here). G

  fourjays 21:45 13 Feb 2005

Im not sure I am gonna need to replace the BIOS. I may be getting a new m/board instead, as it is only £35.

  User-312386 22:04 13 Feb 2005

the msi flash utility will work outside of windows

You make the floppy disc and enter the path name i.e. A:msifloppy\name etc etc

It will then ask you for the bios name which you should also put on the same disc or another floppy

  woodchip 00:54 14 Feb 2005

You still need a DOS screen and he as not got one

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