Arrrgggggh ICS and wireless network

  NICTRY 21:26 10 Oct 2003

I am losing the plot!!!!

I have had all sorts of probs with a new wireless network between 2 PCs, anyway I thought everything was sorted, both host (XP Pro) and client can see each others files and the client (running 98SE) shows the internet connection gateway and shows the broadband info etc. BUT IE and Outlook Express don't connect they just appear to not be able to see the connection, I have checked everything in the connection settings but cannot fathom why they are not 'seeing' the connection, I assume the LAN settings should all be auto, any ideas anyone?????

I would also mention that I can ping both machines and the WAP, and can read, edit etc. any files between the 2 machines, the only part of the set up that doesn't seem to work is the internet explorer and outlook express

  Joanne_1 21:35 10 Oct 2003

Do you have a firewall on the client and if so is ICS enabled?

  Joanne_1 21:37 10 Oct 2003

sorry i meant the host..or any of them for that matter.

  Epirb406 22:12 10 Oct 2003

don't dispair, your answer is on this website click here in my case it turned out to be a winsock2 problem, read the site, get the walkthroughs and suceed (like me)

good luck, epirb

  NICTRY 15:33 11 Oct 2003


You are a star mate, it took a while of reading through all the responses but got there in the end, involves messing about with additional IP settings etc. on the client PC but all working great. Bloody M$ and their buggy OS!!!

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