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  di 11:11 19 Nov 2004

I know this is a very basic question but....I was trying to do an online questionaire and it said I had to use the arrow keys on my keyboard, well I have never used then before and can't get them to work now.... if I press them they do nothting, how do I get them to work????

  Technotiger 11:51 19 Nov 2004

Hi, maybe you are pressing the wrong keys, perhaps confusing the .> and ,< keys. The arrow keys are those in a separate group of four with arrows pointing up/down/right/left.

  Technotiger 11:53 19 Nov 2004

In addition you can use these keys to scroll these pages up and down, after first clicking anywhere on the page, then scroll with arrow keys.

  Peter 12:47 19 Nov 2004


Perhaps you are trying to use the arrow keys (4,6,8,2) on the numeric pad. These will work as numbers when the Num Lock light is on and as navigation (arrow) keys when it is out.

The arrow keys being referred to are probably the four keys in a little pyramid, just below the six keys marked Insert, Home, Page Up, Delete, End & Page Down. They live between the alpha and the numeric sections of the standard keyboard.


  Audeal 14:18 19 Nov 2004

I always call them cursor Keys. Probably going back to the commodore 64 days.

  di 18:29 19 Nov 2004

you have hit the nail on the head, I was confused with the arrows on the number keys, the other arrows under the insert etc work great, I feel really stoopid, as I said I have never used them before!, thanks for all your help

  Peter 21:53 19 Nov 2004


No need to feel stoopid. You'd be surprised at the mistakes we all made in the past if only we would admit to them.


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