Aries Laptop failing

  PureMoltenEvil 18:19 27 Feb 2006

I bought an Aries Precision 1001 laptop in April last year and had to return it recently under warranty. Long story short - they replaced the motherboard. Before I sent it off the machine had crashed a couple of times and on restarting there was a repetitive clunk sound coming from the front of the machine. The best way I can describe it is like a ticking clock but maybe five to ten times louder. The only way to stop this was to insert the recovery CD and carry out a Windows setup repair. I thought this was related to the motherboard problem, but since getting it back it's happened four times in a couple of weeks. On two of these occasions Windows setup could not recognise the hard disk until I tried it again. Has anyone heard of this before or know what the problem is before I return it again. The problem I envisage is that they will do the temporary repair as I have but not fix the underlying issue. Any help appreciated.

  Fingees 18:22 27 Feb 2006

|I would return it for repair under warranty.

After all if it's only a 12 month one, you haven't got long to go.

  PureMoltenEvil 18:35 27 Feb 2006

point is I already told the suppliers when I sent it back last time - they changed the motherboard but it still has this fault. Because it's intermittent they obviously thought it was OK. They can also not be the most helpful and actually charge you 40 quid if they don't find a fault - fortunately warranty is 3 years.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:51 27 Feb 2006

Hard disk heads hitting platters.

Back up everything of value and return under warrenty.

click here listen to the sound in this thread do they match the sound of your drive.

  PureMoltenEvil 19:16 27 Feb 2006

yes I checked that out and there is one that sounds just like it but about double the speed - thanks for the advice - i will do the backup and wait for the noise to come back.

  woodchip 19:17 27 Feb 2006

Sounds like faulty hard drive

  PureMoltenEvil 19:22 27 Feb 2006

Can anyone explain then why the Windows recovery CD makes the noise go away. This one I find hard to figure and really just curious??

  woodchip 19:27 27 Feb 2006

It's not the CD drive spinning is it? as some can sound like jetplane

  woodchip 19:30 27 Feb 2006

PS if your computer as problems reading files when it starts suspect Hard Drive, as that may be why running the Recovery CD works as it will rewrite the system files to the hard drive

  PureMoltenEvil 10:36 28 Feb 2006

I think i get that it's the hard drive - seems to be the consensus. I just don't understand why the mechanical clunk noise which seems to be what Fruit Bat diagnosed as heads hitting platters goes away when I run the recovery CD?

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