Argentum Backup - memory eater?

  researcher 16:37 31 Oct 2003

Have had this installed for 6 months odd now. Recently I noticed that my harddrive memory was rapidly going - 68GB out of 80Gb used!

To see what was rapidly using up my memory I ran Tree Directory Sizer (freeware) and this showed that over 40Gb had been used by Argentum Backup (AB), on going into Windows Explorer I found that AB had saved several files named ZipTmp0c.m30, or similar. Some of these were up to 2.8Gb in size! I have deleted all but the most recent AB files without seeming ill-effect.

As I have only got it set to save windows set-up, my photos and e-mail contacts, I find this strange and thought I'd put this out for warning/comment.

  researcher 22:57 06 Nov 2003

Just thought I'd try again for any info/comment.


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