Are ZoneAlarm updates necessary?

  [DELETED] 20:57 17 Dec 2003

I run the free version of Zone Alarm (3.7.211) and all seems fine. A little while ago, I installed the automatic update, which came with the installation file 4.5.530. This was a trial version of the pro programme. I was pretty impressed with it, in particular the pop up and ad-stoppers. But I had to uninstall it as at one stage it locked out all internet access on allegedly finding a fault, which I couldn't repair following its instructions. I've since reinstalled version 3.7 and have declined the automatic update option. I'm not even sure what would happen if I tried to reinstall the 4.5 version as I guess it would notice that my limited trial is up, but given my experience with it, I'm not that keen to try.

My question is, will it matter that I am running an older version of the programme? I know that there are mixed views out there on the usefulness of firewalls on home computers, but I guess if I am running one, it ought to have the best chance of doing the job...!

  [DELETED] 21:12 17 Dec 2003

you can upg to ZA 4.5.530.000 but don't go for the pro version go for the free upg which should not lock you out as there is no trial period. I seem to recall having to look for it as they push the pro upg. The only difference I have noticed is the aggro with the -AUMagic access requests, see my earlier posting, which I think is sorted now or just stick with your current version.



  [DELETED] 21:31 17 Dec 2003

I guess I will look again at the installation file and avoid the pro version. Just wondering about that lock out - have you had any experience of that - I followed all the instructions they gave to re-enable access but found in the end that the only option was to uninstall the firewall - seemed a bit drastic!

Had a look in old threads for your posts re ZA, but couldn't find them...did notice though that VoG mentioned that uninstalling ZA could be tricky - and it was for me too - but thankfully I had taken a system snapshot using Uninstaller, so was able to reverse it using that.

  [DELETED] 22:55 17 Dec 2003

TimCDC try this link for doublefive's ZA thread click here

  [DELETED] 13:59 18 Dec 2003

thanks johnem and doublefive.

  Stuartli 17:17 18 Dec 2003

The very latest free version keeps throwing up a Check for Update panel which cannot be disabled as the Preferences page points out; you can choose to not send the information.

A ZA update is, in fact, a brand new version of the firewall rather than updates for, say, an anti-virus program.

  [DELETED] 17:27 18 Dec 2003

Today's Lockergnome gave a reg hack to disable auto-update and provide a manual update option.

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