Are you upgrading to 64bit? What pit falls

  jack 12:13 03 Aug 2005

Are you upgrading to 64bit? What pit falls

If you have upgraded an existing machine to 64 bit- would you care to list here things that were not apparent before you started?

For example as you may have seen on this board- Power supply problems ensue.
An existing power supply for an existing machine will almost certainly have to be replaced, not only because of increase power requirement, but because the new boards have a separate power socket for the CPU. Older power supplies will not be so cabled.
This is not made clear when ordering the board, and is only hinted at in the build sheet- so you may find as in my case – having to rebuild up the machine to seek out information-.
This site has had to my knowledge 3 posts in addition to my original of last week.

In my case also there is an indicator that you will have to reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windoze - .Why this should have to be one can only guess – they do not actually say-
Your existing system may not allow you to do this-,
So be prepared to buy another operating system.

Please indicate here any other pit falls so that the unaware may be better informed before proceeding.

  jack 14:03 03 Aug 2005


  jack 12:15 07 Aug 2005

So those that have report no hang ups ?
All all went simmingly Huh!
Or perhaps you are just not saying.
I can report one.
The rebuild once the power question was resolved was fine.
However a boot error kept cominup ,which when questioned with the supplier suggested defective memory and I should return it for a new one.
Which I did and the boot up went fine with my existing memory installed.

Intalling the system - XP Pro- was more probelmatic.

Setting BIOS to Boot from CD I ran the disk.
OFF it went - loading many drivers as great speed
and then crashed with the report
File ACPI is Corrupt.
and later dmboot.sys corrupt

Both of there errors seem to be BIOS errors not system errors
Subsequently 'CD Drive error'
Examination of the BIOS revealed all was 'Default' as reccomended, but as a safety measure I lifted the clear jumper and reset to default.

At this I stopped trying to load XP and dug out good old faithful 98SE
It loaded in 15 minutes and is flying.
Later I shall retry XP as an upgrade, which when first I loaded it a year ago on the machine in its 32 bit form- it did.
Any other comments please.

  bremner 12:24 07 Aug 2005

I have built in excess of ten 64 bit machines and have had no problems with any of them.

The majority have had XP Pro loaded the remainder XP HE

  jack 14:20 07 Aug 2005

Thank you Bremmer
Indeed the Athlone 64 3000 on a WinFast K8S 755A series board

I agree the build went fine except for the suspect memory which was returned.

The pusslement were the seemingly BIOS erros cominu when trying to load XP Pro.
But all went fine when putting on 'Old' faithful 98SE
When all is settle I will try the XP again.
When I first put XP on the disk over wrote 98 so perhaps that is what should happen as opposed to putting on 'naked' so to speak

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