Are you sure .

  [DELETED] 15:29 30 Oct 2003

We see these reminders when we quit various tasks etc and sometimes it can be annoying, but I would dearly like to have one for IE windows.Many a time I've clicked on the little x not realising it was the only window open.(I bet you all do it),anybody know of a reminder for IE?. Thanx.

  [DELETED] 16:00 31 Oct 2003

Nobody any ideas?, so I suppose it can't be done then

  [DELETED] 16:15 31 Oct 2003

You wouldn't be able to do it without editing the code behind IE.

You could try and get out of the habit of using the cross to close down any window.

  [DELETED] 16:20 31 Oct 2003

I dont think there is a way to do it without superior patients, you could actualy ask IE, if they can be contacted? click here

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