Are XP updates essential?

  pj123 16:31 09 Feb 2006

I have a friend who is running a computer bought quite a while ago with Win XP.

They have never updated it at all, either with SP1 or SP2.

It is running OK and does everything they want from it, so is it necessary to update it?

  VoG II 16:33 09 Feb 2006

Yes - they contain important security updates.

They need to inbstall SP2 - this effectively includes SP1.

  Monument 16:48 09 Feb 2006

It's a bit like saying that when Ford has a recall for a defective brake issue, there is no need to take your car in because it is running fine at this time.

Critcal updates are essential if your friend does not want their system compromised.

  pj123 16:51 09 Feb 2006

VoG™, not convinced. What security updates?

If it is running OK and they have AGV, Adaware, Spybot, Spyblaster and Zonealarm installed, where is the problem?

  Skyver 17:00 09 Feb 2006

There are one or two; click here

  VoG II 17:04 09 Feb 2006
  Thalmus 17:19 09 Feb 2006

Yes! Yes! Oh 1000 times yes they are essential!!

Infact quite a few nasty programs are written by reverse engineering Microsoft updates. Remember the sober worm? That was one

  jack 17:44 09 Feb 2006

The things that go on in your machine whilst you sit
there unknown to yoeu must be legion.
It so happens that after my most recent rebuild, and when XP Pro was loaded it examined the drives available and announced that is taking over 'D' drive.
Now 'D' is an external; in a caddy with a 2Gig HDD.
The number of times during the day it suddenly wakes up and chatters away, the activty light flashing away says to me that Windoze is up to something- but what?
Automatic updates or simply backing up?

  pj123 13:04 10 Feb 2006

Thanks Guys. Have emailed the links to them.

Can't force them to update though. Will let them make up their own minds.

BTW I'm still running Win 98SE and dreading the day when I will have to switch to XP.

Will tick as resolved.

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